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While technically true there is a bit more to it than the POTUS just "deciding" the material is no longer classified.  And some of it had the highest level of classification.  Don't worry yourselves, this will go no where.  Trump will be covered by his toadies friends in Congress.  His followers are like you all, they truly don't care what he does.
And you truly don’t care about facts whatsoever.  The President’s sole authority to declassify a document rests in his power as Commander in Chief. There is no fourth branch of government that holds power over the Executive over classified information.   There is no statute or bureaucratic rule that holds power over the President’s ability to declassify anything at any time.

If the president wants to declassify “the highest level of classification,” all he has to do is say something is declassified. There is no “process” he must go through to declassify something. Those rules apply to anyone else in government or otherwise, but cannot apply to the President due to the Constitution.

I imagine the faculty lounge floor is quite slippery with the drool of other Marxist faculty hoping to see Trump frog walked into prison. Too bad you’ve all been mislead. Maybe they could talk to some C-law faculty in the Law School for clarification.

Is there, honestly, any turning back now?  Let's say Trump gets re-elected in 2024, how is he going to clean this up?
“We could fight ‘em with conventional weapons.  But that could take years and cost millions of lives.”

In the event Mike comes back with yet another pants-on-fire claim that the documents were “highly classified” and thus it was a security breach to take them, I’ll leave him this.

Article II of the Constitution vests absolute authority as Commander in Chief.  In the 1988 Supreme Court ruling in Department of Navy v. Egan, the court wrote “His [the President’s] authority to classify and control access to information bearing on national security…flows primarily from this Constitutional investment of power in the President, and exists quite apart from any explicit congressional grant.” 

In other words, the president has the final authority to classify or declassify documents at will. There is no fourth branch of government that can exercise authority over the President on intelligence matters. The intelligence agencies all fall under the Executive Branch. And Congress cannot exercise authority over the Executive if the President’s authority originates out of the Constitution.

Spin Zone / Re: The Never Ending Public Emergencies
« on: August 12, 2022, 08:52:35 AM »
Fair point.  I will amend my statement to say taking any illegal street drug is a choice.  But demonizing fentanyl is no more a solution than demonizing guns as the cause of gun deaths.  All it does is make it harder for everyone else to get it legally when they need it.  There’s nothing dangerous about fentanyl at all if you use it correctly. 

It’s just like making getting guns more difficult to get.  The criminal users still get them and use them and the law abiding are restricted.  You can’t stop the manufacture of illegal drugs any more than you can stop “ghost guns”.  But to try only brings more tyranny to the law abiding.  See my thread about how hard it was to get tramadol for my mother.

We need to solve the reason kids become addicts in the first place.  In the meantime make all drugs legal so that the manufacture is aboveboard and safe.  That’s what will stop the unintentional overdoses.

Why are kids resorting to drugs?  I think because nature intends teenagers to begin functioning as adults but our society thwarts them.  Instead of a Wisconsin boy being forced to sit in high school learning about white privilege and how he is to be blamed for all of society’s problems, a 14 year old should be apprenticing and learning a trade.  By 16 he should be earning money.  But we keep them in school til 18, all the while telling them their perfectly normal sex drive is something to be ashamed of and any overture to a girl is sexist misogyny at best and criminal harassment at worst, and then we require them to go to college for four years, never beginning to function in any self sufficient way until well into their 20s.  To boot, we tell them to major in useless crap so they graduate in debt and flipping burgers with their degree in “art theory for the gender fluid”.  This is what boys are being told to look forward to, instead of nurturing their natural drive to work with their hands, be productive and start developing their identity as future provider and protector to a nice female.  Don’t dare hope for that!  Women don’t want or need you anymore, they’ll get their own career thankyouverymuch and if you do manage to ever have sex with one and she gets pregnant and doesn’t suck it into a sink you can look forward to financial ruin, if you ever manage to get any finances to start with.

Are we really wondering why kids are hopeless these days?  Half the time they’ve already been made addicts to ADHD drugs by the time they’re in their teens.  And the girls, what girls dream about most is babies, it’s a biological urge, but THAT is squashed real fast. Don’t you dare want a man and a family.  That’s patriarchal oppression.  Men are toxic, to be avoided at all costs.  Unless of course you discover that you yourself are in fact male, and you need to search on the internet how to find a clinic that will start you on hormones and schedule the surgical removal of your budding titties. But whatever you do, do NOT imagine yourself a stay at home mom raising babies, that’s the quintessential definition of evil.

By early teen years both girls and boys are designed by nature to have these drives - for males to work and provide for, for the reward of sex, and females to be protected by someone strong, and snuggle little babies - but today’s culture COMPLETELY denies teens validation of these basic evolutionary instincts. And we wonder why they come apart at the seams and get into drugs.

Stop demonizing an inanimate substance as if it can jump into your veins without your assistance and instead address all the causes of these hopelessly confused and misguided kids resorting to escaping to street drugs.
Do t get me started on what we are doing to our boys and girls. You hit on all my points. Boys are being medicated because they are acting like boys. My brother was a Boy Scout Leader for I think 12 years, and at all times he said at least half the troops’s boys were medicated, and as scout leader HE had to administer them. Madness!  Some parents look at scouting as a weekend off from having to deal with their autistic son, so my brother then had to deal with their autistic son.

We have feminized boys almost to the point of no return. I see football and most sports disappearing in the next 20 years, because boys are either too afraid or too disinterested to participate or push themselves.

Reports are circulating that what they were looking for were documents related to nuclear weapons.  Ooof, this doesn't look good for the Orange One.  Moreover, a copy of the warrant and affidavit were given to Trump's lawyer, he (Trump) was there when the feds arrived.  He could have made it public at any time.

I suspect the judge in the case will release the documents, so we'll know for certain soon.  Nuclear stuff at a club where folks, including folks from other lands, come and go is bad bad bad juju.
Right. If that’s true, it must have been so critical that it took the DOJ NINETEEN MONTHS to try to get them back. Seriously, Mike, you need to take a reality pill.

And Trump was in New York for his deposition when this raid happened. Further, his lawyers were there and demanded the search warrant, but were denied the opportunity to keep the document. 

Spin Zone / Re: Liz Cheney is running against Donald Trump???
« on: August 10, 2022, 01:01:20 PM »
Liz Cheney got her feelings hurt by Trump, and is now pulling the levers of political power to get back at him.  I dare say she’s more vindictive than even Trump, and in doing so, has demonstrated the very stereotype that most feminists have argued doesn’t  exist.

She is willing to destroy her own career for a vendetta. And she and her dad are full of shit. This has NOTHING to do with the Constitution. You can’t change the English language and call a protest an “insurrection,” and contend the Constitution itself gives you cover from what otherwise in normal times would be called a political witch hunt.

Spin Zone / Re: The Never Ending Public Emergencies
« on: August 08, 2022, 01:10:08 PM »
We are going to spend the rest of our lives living in one public health emergency after another. 

Now monkeypox.  Oh, never mind it’s being spread via gay sex, it’s now a public health emergency in various cities.   And Covid?  Never mind it’s endemic, and very weakened to nothing more than a cold or mild flu, the government keeps extending that as well.

Climate Change is next.
I choose not to play their games.

The fear of a flu virus resulted in closed restaurants and businesses, lost wages, severe economic losses, shut schools, stunted learning, mask mandates, vax mandates, and everything else.

Yet the “public health” bureaucrats can’t bring themselves to tell men to not have anal sex with strangers. No, THAT’S a bridge too far.

Fuck them. These people get no quarter from me.

Spin Zone / Re: Joke Thread: Post 'em if ya got 'em
« on: August 08, 2022, 12:24:57 PM »

Cool Places to Fly / Re: OshKosh 2022
« on: July 23, 2022, 10:50:33 PM »
My brother and me
On his first shift.

Cool Places to Fly / Re: OshKosh 2022
« on: July 22, 2022, 05:13:51 PM »
I’m back at my office on Flightline Ops.

I’m looking forward to 10,000 airplanes creating lots of greenhouse gasses in Oshkosh over the next 11 days.

Spin Zone / Re: Gay Pride Month
« on: July 15, 2022, 05:31:03 PM »
Dear God. I need to cleanse this thread from that last picture.

Let’s try the future ex-Mrs. Anthony.

Spin Zone / Re: Dr. Jill Biden steps in it.
« on: July 13, 2022, 06:33:18 PM »
She, like the BLM racist, hypocrites, OPRAH, Michelle, Stacey Abrams, etc., just want to live in luxury, comfort and preach anti White, anti legal gun rhetoric and BE SEEN, the Narcissists that they are.
She’s damaged goods, she knows she’s in over her head, and she knows there is no broad support for her, especially among the dem elite. She may take her fame and bully pulpit and lifetime Secret Service protection and government pension and ride off into the sunset back to the land of poop and needles.

Spin Zone / Re: Horse medicine
« on: July 13, 2022, 05:12:58 AM »
 Because the first person to endorse Ivermectin was TRUMP.  If it was first endorsed by Pope Tony, it would be treated as manna from heaven.

Spin Zone / Re: Who the F is Klaus Schwab?
« on: July 12, 2022, 06:11:56 PM »
My understanding is that a lot of Trump endorsed candidates are beating the RINOs in primaries.  That would be reason for the Dems to worry.  It’s more than just ghosts, MAGA is still alive.
You’re missing my point. Democrat candidates, local, state and fed, literally have nothing to run on. Public opinion is against them on virtually everything. So how do they campaign?  Create a straw man or a ghost, and try to beat it to death and play the fear porn card.

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