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Spin Zone / Re: Trump hits back at Pelosi after a day of silence
« on: January 17, 2019, 01:22:40 PM »
EPIC.  Mic drop. 

Since you seem to believe that you're an expert Geneticist, I invite you to cite Watson's peer-reviewed findings in this area.  I doubt there are any, since he hasn't done any active bench research in decades.  He was instrumental in moving the human genome project forward, and his was the first genome sequenced.

The big difference between you all and me is that unlike you, I've met the man.  I also know a lot of the folks who worked around him at Cold Spring Harbor, they told fun stories.

What none of you grasp is that I have only said he hasn't the data to back up his contentions.  Had he I would object strongly to the Nobel committee taking away his award. Data is neither liberal nor conservative, and it is always, always correct.
Can you share with us the peer review findings of your experiment in your classroom that confirmed your findings about first born children?  I’d love to read that.

Spin Zone / Re: Wants to Deliver Prime-Time
« on: January 10, 2019, 09:32:51 AM »
Trump could say that black is white and you'd agree with him.
Thanks for contributing.

I know it was not your intention, but I do think that Trump looks at race like Martin Luther King looked at race:  judge men by their character, not the color of their skin.  So yes, for you crayon-drawing academic elites, in some ways black is white.

The hyperbolic, slanderous and libelous accusations of being a racist against Trump (with absolutely zero evidence) and in turn against his supporters only serves to increase Trump’s support, because even left leaning moderates see the utter unfairness of how Trump is being treated, and are rallying to his support.

So keep it up, please.

Spin Zone / GoFundMe Wall Project
« on: January 08, 2019, 11:32:25 AM »
I would think it would shape the policies we put into place. Of course we should still deny them entry unless they do it the correct way. Once again, please quote my post where I've said otherwise.

If it were proven that 100% of the people were just trying to find work (and we all know that's not true, it's just your example), then that would, I think, lead us to want to implement a better system for obtaining work visas. Make it easier for them to enter for work and return at the end of whatever their work visa period is. It's not that simple, though. Mexico has to play a role in this. We also need to enforce the laws on the books, or change them appropriately, to make it painful if you overstay your visa. It should be clear that we welcome those who want to work and contribute to our society, but taxes will be paid, and if you take advantage of our hospitality and generosity, you aren't welcome back. Throw in some sort of work credit system that earns them points towards getting a green card or citizenship to sweeten the deal once they demonstrate they can follow the rules and have done so for a certain time period.
In post #213, you chided Anthony for indicting a whole group of people, and questioned what percentage of them are criminals or just want to get benefits. So clearly it seems to me that the intention of the invaders matters to you.

I’m saying it should NOT matter, when the question of the day is the wall.

All of the things you mentioned have been available to Congress for decades, and Congress R+D has completely and utterly failed the American people to fix this mess.

So Donald Trump comes into town, sees the dysfunction, and decides to follow the will of the people to build a wall (or fence or whatever.)  it is completely and utterly irrelevant what semantics Trump uses to describe it. An invasion is not false. A crisis is not false. An emergency is not false.

In another post you asked what changed to make this become a crisis. The difference is instead of small groups of people being led by coyotes, bands of 15,000 or more (think capacity of Madison Square Garden for a Rangers game) at a crack have been traversing Central America with the express and blatant intention of bypassing our laws in order to force their way into this country.

That is unprecedented, and that must stop.

Spin Zone / Re: GoFundMe Wall Project
« on: January 08, 2019, 10:19:33 AM »
It's disconcerting that instead of discussing how we can fix the problem, we're squabbling over the definition of the problem. I stand by my argument that using the word "invasion" is meant to rally the base and strike fear that we must do something to stop "them" and then we throw all kinds of stuff into the mix to heighten the crisis.

I would be curious if there's some sort of regulation that Trump direct be changed that make it easier for work visas that wouldn't require Congressional approval. That wouldn't substitute the need for a wall by any means, but it's certainly something he could do to start making an impact in other ways.
Oh for the love of God. YOU are the one challenging what Trump and many of us are calling it. Now it’s disconcerting to you that we’re squabbling over the definition, or challenging your narrow definition of what is and what is not an invasion? 

Had you not wanted to play semantics, we actually would be talking about how we can fix the problem.


Spin Zone / Re: Wants to Deliver Prime-Time
« on: January 08, 2019, 08:19:31 AM »
Since when does the opposition party get to demand equal time for an address to the nation?  My God, the egos of these people. 

The president asked for 8 minutes. They literally own the remaining 1,432 minutes of the day.  Sit down, shut the fuck up and listen for a change. 

Spin Zone / Re: GoFundMe Wall Project
« on: January 07, 2019, 04:07:00 PM »
Merriam-Webster's dictionary has a different definition which includes the use of the word "army".

My point is that when the word "invasion" is used it gets people riled up into thinking that we're actually being invaded by a foreign power, which we aren't. Neither the governments of Mexico or Honduras, or any other government for that matter, is invading the United States. There is a large number of people illegally crossing our borders and we, as a nation, can't figure out how to stop that.

For those that think we're genuinely think we're being invaded, why don't we put tanks along the border? Why aren't we suspending posse comitatus? The military can't actually do much right now except observe and report to Customs and Border Patrol.
Do you make it a habit to exclude exculpatory information? 

Here’s a dictionary definition.

We most certainly are being invaded in 2 out of those 3 definitions. “Foreign power” is YOUR argument, and completely irrelevant.

Spin Zone / Re: The Crazy Train will leave the station today
« on: January 07, 2019, 03:29:49 PM »
Well, at least he got the civics aspect correct.  Right now millions of Democrats are asking "Whats an Amendment?"
Cortez thinks she’ll be signing bills. The delusion and stupidity is astounding.

Spin Zone / Re: Outback Bowl
« on: January 03, 2019, 01:27:51 PM »
No MIGHT to it Anthony.  It's been a good run.
I’m not so sure. My dad said the same thing in the 1960s-1970s. We are a malleable country, and we’ve bounced back from crisis before.

It will only be the curtain call if we all quite. I don’t see it. 

It is poor form to proverbially place words in a person's mouth and then attack them for those words.

So how about letting him post first if he has anything to say on this thread, OK? Otherwise if you think that is a valid way to attack someone and keep doing it, you may become the unhappy recipient of the same kind of attack.
Lighten up, Francis. You may have missed the performances of the professor when it comes to anthropomorphic climate change, but he’s quite capable of derision and ridicule of anyone, including most people on this site, who don’t toe the party line when it comes to the profitable business combination of scientists and politicians.

Steingar will be along shortly to ridicule Curry and her “ilk” for not understanding the science of global warming.

There is no floor for the disgust I have for the MSM but especially CNN and their talking parrots.

They actually fucking ridiculed Melania’s boots that she wore when visiting the troops with her husband.

I’m now convinced that there are no actual “men” in the MSM. None. Not a single testicle among them. All skinny jeans wearing, effeminate little twerps. No real man would criticize Melania like she has been ridiculed, and no real man would create controversy and breathlessness when they could take every opportunity to celebrate what Trump did by visiting our men and women in a war zone.

Spin Zone / The Schumer & Pelosi Show
« on: December 23, 2018, 07:52:47 AM »
As good of an article as I’ve read in a long time on the current state of affairs between the Democrats and the rest of us.

My favorite paragraph:

“The left is all about identity politics.  They assign all of us to a group -- racial, class, and/or all of their fabricated gender categories.  The right is all about individuals, their character, their talent, their contributions to society.  We do not care about skin color, economic class or sexual orientation.  We do care about good vs. evil, right vs. wrong.  This makes us quite villainous in the eyes of the left for whom everything is relative. For example, we do not think poverty causes crime, unlearned values of Western Civilization do.  Try to steal an election? It is moral if it takes out an opponent.  We are, it appears, the left vs. the right, very different on a neurological level.”

Spin Zone / Re: Trump Foundation dissolved
« on: December 19, 2018, 01:42:46 PM »

Spin Zone / Re: Boy Scouts, as seen by Mike Rowe
« on: December 19, 2018, 09:21:43 AM »
I bet good money I am far in better shape than you. I am a vegetarian, and I walk 6 miles a day for excercise. I am mentally awake, and morally straight. I try to help my students as much as I can. I gave a C- to a woman because she was 0.01 points away from from being flunked, and I couldn’t flunk her because she was so close. I had to flunk two guys who were supposed to graduate. I didn’t want to do so, but had to. It was up to them to learn, not me. But once I did it I hated myself so much all I could do was go home to drink.

Normally when I drink the rules are no more than one drink an hour, no more than three a night, and of course 8 hours bottle to throttle. After flunking two guys who were both going to graduate the only rule was keep the fucking glass full. The second time I’ve hidden from myself in a bottle, and the first was because I had to flunk a graduating senior.

I don’t need the damn Boy Scouts to figure out how to lead a good life. I figured that stuff all on my own.  What you guys will never get is some people don’t fit into your little fucking boxes and do just fine despite.  Wisdom is the ability to see beyond the lens of your own experience, something I doubt any of you will ever be able to do. And I truly and honestly pity you for it. Being able to see eye to eye with someone truly different from you is one of life’s Greatest pleasures.
Hey douchebag, asechrest was being nice and giving you the last line of the Boy Scout Oath.  You in turn chose to be your typical pompous asshole, only to further enlighten us on your pathetically weak mental status and why you had to turn to the drinking to hide from the results of doing what you felt was the right thing.

Feel free to once again threaten to not come back.  That’s your typical MO and you sound like a broken record. I’m sure two or three people will fawn over you not to leave, giving you the positive feedback you must not get in your real life.  The rest of us could not give a shit.

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