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Spin Zone / Re: Covidiocy Continued
« on: October 25, 2021, 03:58:25 PM »
Who's on First?

Abbott & Costello, who for those old enough to know.....

Bud: I got my vaccination. I am now protected from the virus.
Lou: Not me. No one’s gonna jab a needle in my arm.
Bud: You must.
Lou: Why?
Bud: To protect me.
Lou: From the virus?
Bud: Yes.
Lou: But I thought you said you were vaccinated.
Bud: I am.
Lou: You’re protected?
Bud: Correct.
Lou: From the virus?
Bud: Yes.
Lou: So, I don’t need a vaccination.
Bud: But you do.
Lou: Why?
Bud: To protect me.
Lou: I thought you were vaccinated.
Bud: I am.
Lou: And the vaccination protects you?
Bud: It does.
Lou: So, I don’t need to get vaccinated to protect you because you’re already protected from the virus by the vaccination you already got.
Bud: No, you must get the vaccination to protect me from the virus.
Lou: You mean the vaccination doesn’t work?
Bud: It does work.
Lou: If the vaccination works and you’re protected from the virus because you already got the vaccination then it doesn’t matter if I don’t get vaccinated.
Bud: But it does matter. Because if you don’t vaccinated you can give me the virus.
Lou: Let me see if I have this straight.
Bud: Okay.
Lou: You got the vaccination?
Bud: Yes.
Lou: The vaccination protects you from the virus?
Bud: Correct.
Lou: So, it doesn’t matter if I don’t get the vaccination because you’re already protected from the virus?
Bud: No.
Lou: Are you telling me the vaccination doesn’t work?
Bud: No, I’m telling you the vaccination does work.
Lou: Then why must I get the vaccination?
Bud: To protect me from the virus.
Lou: This doesn’t makes any sense.
Bud: But it does make sense. Why don’t you understand? Besides, you are required to get the vaccination, whether you like it or not.
Lou: What?
Bud: Everyone in America must get the vaccination.
Lou: Everyone?
Bud: Everyone. Except for a few people.
Lou: Who?
Bud: Members of Congress.
Lou: Members of Congress?
Bud: Yes.
Lou: You’re telling me everyone in America must get the vaccination except Members of Congress?
Bud: And their staff.
Lou: Their staff don’t have to get the vaccination?
Bud: Nope.
Lou: Why are Members of Congress and their staff exempt?
Bud: Because the president needs Congress to pass his spending bills.
Lou: Oh, it’s a political favor.
Bud: Of course, it is.
Lou: So, everyone in America must get the vaccination except Members of Congress and their staff?
Bud: And postal workers.
Lou: What? Postal workers don’t have to get the vaccination?
Bud: That is correct.
Lou: I’m sure I don’t want to know, but please tell me why.
Bud: Because the postal workers union endorsed the president.
Lou: Their exemption was not based on a medical reason?
Bud: No.
Lou: Not based on science?
Bud: Not hardly.
Lou: The decision is based on who voted for which candidate?
Bud: Now, you get it!
Lou: The president gets to decide who must get vaccinated and who doesn’t?
Bud: Yes.
Lou: Not a doctor, but the president decides?
Bud: That is correct.
Lou: Where does the president get his medical advice?
Bud: Probably from his wife.
Lou: Is she a doctor?
Bud: Yes.
Lou: That’s a relief.
Bud: But not a medical doctor.
Lou: She’s not a medical doctor?
Bud: No.
Lou: How many kinds of doctors are there?
Bud: Lots.
Lou: What kind of doctor is she?
Bud: E.D.
Lou: She has erectile dysfunction?
Bud: No. She has a doctorate in ED. Education.
Lou: She’s a school teacher?
Bud: Correct.
Lou: Do people call school teachers “doctor”?
Bud: Only her. And only on CNN.
Lou: The bottom line is the president gets his medical advice from his wife who is a doctor, but not a real doctor. She’s just a school teacher doctor, right?
Bud: Fauci.
Lou: Fauci? What’s a Fauci? Is that some kind of school teacher doctor?
Bud: Fauci is not a what, but a who.
Lou: Okay, who is Fauci?
Bud: He’s also advising the president.
Lou: Is he a medical doctor?
Bud: Yes.
Lou: That’s good news. So the president gets medical advice from his wife, who is not an actual doctor, and doesn’t know anything about medicine, and he also gets advice from a medical doctor. Does this medical doctor study viruses?
Bud: Yes.
Lou: Great!
Bud: And helps create viruses.
Lou: Huh? What do you mean?
Bud: Fauci is the guy who runs the office that gave money to the Chinese lab that created the virus.
Lou: Fauci gave his money to the Chinese?
Bud: No, not his money. He gave taxpayer money.
Lou: Taxpayer money?
Bud: Yup.
Lou: So the American taxpayer paid to create the virus?
Bud: You, sir, are correct.
Lou: At least Fauci told us he was doing this.
Bud: He did not.
Lou: Nobody asked him?
Bud: Yes, they did. Under oath.
Lou: And he admitted he gave taxpayer money to the Chinese lab?
Bud: No, he said he didn’t.
Lou: If he swore under oath that he did not fund the Chinese lab then how did we find out he did?
Bud: We have the papers that proved Fauci did exactly what he claimed he didn’t do.
Lou: Isn’t it illegal to lie under oath?
Bud: Yes.
Lou: Is Fauci gonna be charged with a crime?
Bud: No.
Lou: Why not?
Bud: Because some lies are good lies.
Lou: You mean like telling children there is a Santa Claus?
Bud: No, that’s an evil lie because it perpetuates the falsehood that a happily married, cisgender, white male does good deeds around the world. The good lies are the ones that support politically correct narratives, such as the Russians stole the 2016 election.
Lou: Let’s get back to the Chinese and their lab.
Bud: Okay.
Lou: The Chinese don’t like us, do they?
Bud: They do not.
Lou: And this Chinese lab is the place that could create the material used in biological weapons?
Bud: Yes.
Lou: Why on earth would Fauci give them taxpayer money?
Bud: For science.
Lou: Let me get this straight. Vaccinations work because they protect us from the virus, but unvaccinated people must get vaccinated because they can give the virus to people who are already protected from the virus because they have been vaccinated, but the vaccinated can still catch the virus even though vaccinations work.
Bud: Precisely!
Lou: And the medical doctor advising the president is the one who gave American taxpayer money to the Chinese lab that created the virus that led to the global pandemic and he lied about doing this.
Bud: Now you got it.
Lou: Fauci must be the most hated man in America.
Bud: No, no. Fauci is beloved.
Lou: This doesn’t make any sense. Who loves him?
Bud: Politicians, news media, Hollywood, big tech, and government employees who get paid to stay home during lockdowns.
Lou: And the rest of America? The workers, entrepreneurs, first responders, farmers, tradesmen, factory workers, business owners, and families? Do they like Fauci?
Bud: Not in the slightest.
Lou: Let me get back to this. Everyone in America must get vaccinated except for Members of Congress, their staff, and members of the postal workers union.
Bud: And illegal immigrants.
Lou: Huh?
Bud: Illegal immigrants are exempt from getting vaccinations.
Lou: They belong to a union, too?
Bud: Don’t be silly.
Lou: Why are illegal immigrants exempt from getting vaccinations?
Bud: Because the president wants to immediately make them citizens so they can vote for him in 2024.
Lou: Is any of this legal?
Bud: No.

Spin Zone / Re: Fauci Lied
« on: October 22, 2021, 07:03:02 AM »

I'm afraid this is pure hogwash.  I saw the fucking sequence when it came out, there wasn't any such thing.

  This is where your credibility goes straight to the toilet.  Dr Peter answered you with a very professional answer based upon his background and knowledge.   Your reply above shows your lack of knowledge as well as vindictiveness towards anyone you disagree.

  Take a few lessons from Dr Peter.

Spin Zone / Re: Worker shortages
« on: October 22, 2021, 05:28:19 AM »
I'm looking at a new garage door. Prices are up 300 percent and 4-6 month wait time. It's nuts. I can't even get contractors to get me quotes on other work I need done on my house.

A garage door opener might be one of the easiest installs ever.  Doing it yourself for the first time, it’s a good Saturday project. Go watch a video on how to do it on YouTube and if you can use a power drill, you’ll be like “I can do this”.

  This kids, is why reading comprehension is so very important! 

Spin Zone / Re: Worker shortages
« on: October 21, 2021, 07:49:08 PM »
If you wanted to kill the United States, how would you go about it?

“Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky

Cloward and Piven Strategy

You’re seeing it in action.

I have before. I even linked a peer reviewed joural for him to look at. Crickets from him. I'm done trying to prove him wrong. Time for him to prove he is right instead of talking down to the rest of us.

 The perfesser is consumed with "little man syndrome" and a inferiority complex of epic proportions.

There’s extremely high noise to signal in there.

 Possibly.    Again, because of censorship, big pharma and their lobbyist, and a dysfunctional government who relies on medical opinions of politicians over those in the medical field, getting reliable information and data is next to impossible (by design).

 By going through source after source we may be able to glean some meaningful information.

Spin Zone / Re: Rachel Levine to be sworn in as four-star admiral
« on: October 20, 2021, 02:20:18 PM »
I don’t have his/her health history so don’t know what mental disorders he/she has other than gender dysphoria.  My problem with her is her politics.

 Don't forget this psycho sent many many elderly people to their deaths with his insane covid nursing home policy.   And don't forget he removed his mother from a care facility before he implemented his policy.

 But democrats murdering thousands is nothing new, and it's something that doesn't bother them.

Going to the peer review literature presents several problems.  One is using a highly scientific source to answer questions in a lay world.  I prefer literature written or lay people over that written for scientists.  Second, I doubt very many reading this have access to journals of this type due to subscription limitations.  The third is the scientific literature tend to lag lay literature by a few months.

As far as the majority of folks dying in hospitals being unvaccinated, that's been in every news outlet for the last several weeks.  If Luciferase didn't have his nose buried in twitter he'd have seen it.  A pretty basic google search will come up with it.  I'd class that as common knowledge.

But here goes:

Of course, there's way way way more where this came from.

   Summary:  The Perfesser "I prefer getting my information from biased publications that strictly adhere to my ideological beliefs".......


Spin Zone / Re: Bare shelves Biden
« on: October 20, 2021, 10:33:02 AM »
Just got back from HEB. That’s a grocery store for those of you not from Texas. No shortages. There was a small section of one freezer case bare, looked like normally it had frozen breakfast meals. That was it. Tons of produce, meat cases all packed, center aisle shelves all crammed with the usual poison: chips, bread, pasta, processed boxes of crap, candy, canned meats and vegetables, spices, dairy cases all full, personal care items no empty shelves, paper products out the wazoo.

It is actually much better than last year and even this spring when there were sporadic shortages of random things. I’m not sure why other than HEB seems really proactive about the situation. I don’t know what Wal-Mart is like, been a while since I went there.

HEB has it's own warehousing and trucking network.   Plus HEB uses many vendors from Texas and surrounding states as well as Mexico.   They may take a few hits from national vendors, but as far as most everyday items and food they shouldn't be hit too hard by the bare shelves syndrome brought on by the Biden Administration.

Why not actually see what the peer-reviewed literature on this says? I don't know but a quick PubMed search might be informative.

Intuition and qualitative arguments are often wrong in the real world of biomedicine.

 Thank you for that.

Spin Zone / Re: C-19 No More Dangerous Than Seasonal Flu
« on: October 17, 2021, 12:59:30 PM »

Spin Zone / Re: C-19 No More Dangerous Than Seasonal Flu
« on: October 13, 2021, 06:56:06 PM »
Who the fuck are these mother fucking tyrants, and where’s the corporate courage for companies, non-profit or for-profit, to tell this fucking bitch governor to stick it up her ass?

What ever happened to courage?

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