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Spin Zone / Re: Proposal to change Idaho’s borders
« on: Today at 09:50:42 AM »
And the disdain of the urban "elites" for anyone outside their bubble is clear.  Just listen to Bloomberg: "You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn. You could learn that.”  They are sooooo much better than the rest of us because they don't get their hands dirty.

That's the elites... but what about the service workers in cities?  How do they see the rural folk?  I suspect it's much the same.

Exactly.  As for the service workers, these are the ones I'm hanging my hopes on. Just like Trump told the blacks, "What have you got to lose?"  I'm banking on them having voted Dem reflexively and not really having thought for themselves.  But it's going to be a uphill climb because they're all going to public indoctrination centers (schools) these days. And watching a slanted mainstream media.

But in their defense, I have been rethinking my own journey, and realizing that I may have started out more liberal than I remember.  I was never a leftist on the subject of economics... always free market capitalism. But in my youth, I grew up in the big city, and held many liberal viewpoints. I was against the Vietnam War (never hated on our soldiers though), for gay rights, for women's rights in the first or second wave sense, not the man-hating feminazi sense of these days, I was pro drug legalization, I was pro Civil Rights, and for taking care of the homeless. The only really conservative social viewpoint I had was being against abortion.

When I go back and watch videos of influencers from back then, I find myself relating much more to the liberals of the 70s and 80s than the hard left liberals of today, who have become simply thugs, and I even related more to them than to the Republicans of the time, ie: Jesse Helms (although he became a personal friend much later on, I didn't like his ilk at first. But part of that is that he transformed, lost some of his racist rhetoric and actually embraced finding a cure for AIDS after bashing gays earlier on. He was never actually a racist and had many black supporters all along, but speech was not very PC in those days).

So my point is... the Democrats in the city today may have come from those same roots, and simply unlike me, never left the Democrat mindset.  I personally was never an actual total Democrat especially fiscally because I was introduced to Libertarianism very early, and landed there, and stayed there, but quickly started voting Republican most of the time because I recognized that economic freedom must come before social freedoms or all is moot, and Constitutional protections trump everything.

But no one ever brainwashed me into leftist economics, back in my primary school days it had not yet infected the schools, and when I got my BA in economics I had a healthy confusion about the Keynesian aspects they kept trying to teach me. Besides, I was eating up Heinlein and Ayn Rand novels in my spare time, and hanging out with a few intense gay libertarians. The socialist/communist/Marxist sort of ideals (economic collectivism) never took hold in me, but, alas, I fear they have in city dwellers of today. 

So the service workers, youth, poor and middle class in urban areas today?... I don't know... but I'm sure they must or we will face economic totalitarianism... or war, or both, soon.

Spin Zone / Re: Proposal to change Idaho’s borders
« on: Today at 08:21:11 AM »
The Founding Fathers either did not foresee this issue, or did not think it was their place to tell States how to structure their governments.  We now are faced with the tyranny of the Metro Area population centers over the other, less populated counties in each state.  It's not just Oregon with is craziness from Portland and Eugene, it is all states with Metro areas big enough to over shadow everyone else.

This is the largest problem facing the country as all Metros (cites, suburbs, ex-burbs) are now all Democrat and believe the a collectivist, Big Government, controlling mindset. 

Look at Virginia recently.  They just narrowly escaped (postponed) a ban and confiscation of legally owned firearms by ONE PARTY RULE.

THIS!!  This is our whole problem in a nutshell. In 1776 you didn’t have 2% of the population feeding 98% and relentless movement into cities.  You had a large portion of citizens in small towns and rural areas. It wasn’t as unbalanced as it is now.

Back then only the upper classes were disconnected from having to feed themselves and survive. Today, everyone living in cities, rich or poor, are disconnected from how to grow food. Probably more than anything that defines liberal urban “feed me” culture from conservative rural self sufficiency, and the ideologies follow directly therefrom.

It’s a terrible dangerous trend this growing imbalance and if the city liberals don’t wake up and see themselves as promoting communist dystopia - and I’m talking about the poor and middle class - this county is over. The rich liberal elite will never “wake up” because their agenda isn’t the same as the rest of us, it’s to hold onto power and money at all cost. They can buy their own protection and liberty (fly jets all around) unlike the rest of us, and so they impose their utopian control freak schemes on the great unwashed, because they will never live by their own rules.

Spin Zone / Re: This is getting a little scary
« on: February 16, 2020, 08:42:19 AM »
Agree with both of you, especially that this will be good in the long run despite short term pain IF we can keep Trump and keep returning to self sufficiency.  Trade with other nations is and always has been a good thing, but, like alcohol, only in moderation.

The only thing I disagree with is I'm not convinced it was manufactured. I can very easily see it jumping from live animals to humans in China, a place with unbelievably filthy disgusting food habits. Habits that are fine for isolated primitive tribes; horrific for large urban modern cities.

China is a hot mess, with a deep denial complex.

Pilot Zone / Re: Idiocracy in action
« on: February 15, 2020, 11:00:12 AM »
A testing center has to follow very specific guidelines, or risk losing their designation. 

What that idiot did was absolutely stupid.

Social media is very dangerous. This is why I don’t post anything except the most innocuous occasional statement in FB anymore.

Thanks, Jim, for digging into the RNC platform. Now I don’t have to.  ;D

I found this fascinating video of Dave Rubin, who flipped from liberal to conservative. He gives a great overview of what is happening to the Democrat party, and also a good summary of the Republican position. He says basically, the far left is about the collective group while the right, AND - be very clear - the traditional Democrat, is about the individual. This is all spot on wrt economics.

But on the social freedoms it’s a bit muddier. You can’t deny that the right can tend to control private behavior for the alleged good of the group. “No, you can’t smoke marijuana to ease your cancer symptoms because then everyone else will use it as a gateway drug and end up homeless heroin addicts.” Incidentally, if I’m going to bash the right for this, how much worse is the left for banning soda machines from high schools and banning salt shakers from restaurant tables?

But he is forgiven this omission because the right tries to control behavior over circumscribed particulars where the far left is about control over our very means of survival. (Jobs, money, food, energy, healthcare etc.) The far left slides into totalitarianism (as my soda and salt example shows, it can’t help but try to control private behavior too eventually despite it screaming about “freedom to do what you want” gawd they are such hypocrites) and that wing has taken over the Democrat party, whereas what radical far right wing there is on the Republican side is quite neutered, despite all the “racist!” rhetoric from the left.

Excellent point!!!  The Left DEMANDS we not only accept what they want but promote, glorify, maybe even participate, but certainly support with our votes, money, and voice.   Look at the demonization of Chik Fil A for just donating to a Christian charity. 

No, just because we don't like something doesn't mean we won't allow YOU to have it or do it.   That's the difference.  If the Left doesn't like something they want to ban it or at least not let you have it or do it.  The Left are the true control freaks, and want you to submit to their will.

Agree. While I 100% support gay marriage, I hate the way the left glorifies LBGTQRXYZ and shoves it in the public’s face. They’ve wrecked the matter. I come from the gay subculture, not gay myself but when young hung out with gays and trannies went to more gay bars than straight ones, had more gay friends than straight ones, had gay friends die from AIDS, always been more comfortable around gay people for some reason so don’t tell me I’m homophobic because I vote Republican, I don’t boycott Chic Fil A or want my tax dollars to pay for your sex change operation or approve of transgender males competing in women’s sports. Right is right and wrong is wrong and the LEFT has appropriated the very real tragedy of persecution of gays and turned it into an overblown monster in service to their sociopathic drive for power. Society was moving toward acceptance of gays all on its own without Kommunist help thankyouverymuch. Forcing their agenda in stupid vengeful ways, like making female athletes compete against biologically congenital males only causes backlash and hurts them in the long run.

Spin Zone / Re: Listen to Biden now live
« on: February 11, 2020, 03:47:57 PM »
Even James Carville is terrified of these radical leftists who’ve taken over the Dems.  And I used to think he was bad.

Spin Zone / Re: Vindman Twins Fired
« on: February 08, 2020, 10:56:10 AM »
You sort of sounded like steingar when you posted that.

You would like the movie. Marlon Brandon was amazing. The sets and music were outstanding and the supporting cast read like a who’s who of all time Hollywood.

It was one of the few movies that I read the book first and then thought the movie did a good job of it. Normally movies based on novels suck compared to the novel.

Spin Zone / Re: Rush Limbaugh Diagnosed with Lung Cancer
« on: February 07, 2020, 05:22:41 PM »
Mud on your hair???   I thought I had seen and heard everything from the hair stylist, beauty world since I am a victim, and survivor of the highest "Crazy/Hot Graph" Hair Dresser category.  WTF is that?  Oh, my next one will be a Stripper.  What could go wrong?  More details to come. 

Yes, he was surprised.  Hence the tears at the SOTU.

LOL!  It’s henna. I’ve developed an allergy to store bought chemical hair dye so I’ve switched to henna which is basically pulverized vegetable matter that when wet stains things, including grey hair.  To get my hair brown I have to do two sessions of four hours each. First session henna alone and second session henna mixed with indigo. You mix up the stuff and it has the exact color and consistency of soft mud, or soft poop actually. (The directions suggest “yogurt”.)  You pile it onto your head, then wrap head in Saran Wrap and top with a shower cap. Leave on for up to 4 hours. It’s extremely messy and I can’t wear my hearing aids while the stuff is on my head and I’m so deaf I can’t listen to radio without the hearing aids.

Spin Zone / Re: State of the Union 2020
« on: February 04, 2020, 08:34:59 PM »
Poor poor Nancy.   

She looked like she really didn’t want to be there.

My husband said, “This must be putting a strain on her facelift.”

Spin Zone / Re: RIP: Kobe Bryant - Dead in Chopper Crash
« on: February 01, 2020, 12:31:11 PM »
I guess that could have been me at 24, except that I didn't have millions of dollars.

But my real point was how would the song differ if the story were about a 24 yr old Trump?

It is probably a whole lot of us. I was the 19 year old girl, but the difference is that I got “a little bit more aggressive” well before the penis got to the vagina. No rape, no harm done. Although I will grant that the “choking” (he never cut off her air) might have frightened her into thinking passive submission was a better way to handle it. I wasn’t there, I’m not going to judge what she did except to say that it seems very easy to believe that neither of them was wrong in their own interpretation of the encounter.

But this just goes to illustrate the fundamental problem with the notion of consent and sexual assault: it goes to the alleged attacker’s belief.  If he truly believes she has given consent then he is innocent of malevolent intent.  But these days it seems to only matter what the alleged victim believed. Hence the ridiculous situation today of men wanting to get written notarized permission before making any sort of a move on a woman. Takes all the fun out of the mating dance IMO.

And yes I got your point about Trump. Absolutely.

Isn’t it hilarious that these Trump-hating feminists are so offended he said “pussy” and yet they wear a big pink knit vagina on their head in public?

Spin Zone / Re: Should Your Politics Affect Your Credit Score?
« on: February 01, 2020, 08:26:02 AM »
Yeah, I posted to early.  I read the OP yesterday and replied before coffee today.  I was "thinking" the post said should credit scores affect insurance rates. (???   :-[ )

I definitely agree that politics should not affect credit scores. (well, unless you get penalized for being a socialist democrat, but I"m sure that's not how it would pan out).

You suffer from my disease: inability to comprehend anything before coffee.

It’s very likely that there is a statistical correlation between political views, religion, etc and creditworthiness. For example, political affiliations correlate with socioeconomic status which correlates to creditworthiness. And now technology allows us to build complete profiles of individuals including your thoughts, instead of just basic facts such as age and gender and bank account balance.

Up til now society has accepted that it’s fair for insurance companies to discriminate based on age and gender and net worth. The older you are the higher your life insurance premium. Men pay more than women. In the past they also may have discriminated on race but now we have declared that unfair and illegal even if race correlates to health or lifespan or creditworthiness (through socioeconomic status). This is because aggregate statistics do not apply to individuals.

The theory is they can discriminate based on some things but not others which simply means they can’t use race as a profiling tool to screen out high risk customers. More work for them maybe to do the homework to vet them as an individual but society has decided that’s the moral thing to do.

But insurance companies and lenders would not remain in business if they couldn’t do some kind of discrimination. The mortgage lending disaster taught us that it’s madness to not discriminate based on financial health for example. Or, if you required life insurance companies to ignore health status in selling policies and setting premiums, the very sick would all rush to buy policies, promptly die and put the company out of business. (This is exactly why government run social programs inevitably bankrupt nations.)

But that doesn’t mean it’s right to allow corporations to use the present technological ability to build a detailed profile of our every thought in addition to basic physical facts to discriminate. Capitalism is a horribly unfair economic system, but better than all the rest - but it does need some regulation. A line needs to be drawn that allows companies to profit and remain a going concern but doesn’t allow them to lock out individuals just because they fall into a statistical group down to the nitpicking level of thoughts and speech.

First Amendment applies to government persecution but the truth is these tech giants are cohorts of government. Government is looking the other way and (wink wink) loving that google and Facebook is collecting all this data on us. The threat is not big business nor big government alone, the threat is when the two of them get together against us the citizens.

Government should reign in private company access and use of our data and also limit their own access and use of it. Anybody holding their breath for that?

My leftist liberal brother tells me big business is evil and government is our friend.  He thinks conservatives think big government is evil and private corporations are our friend. He might be correct some on the right think that. I try to tell him both are wrong: the problem is when big business and big government get in bed together. Big business has the know how to get stuff done and big government has the power of law to force what they want.

The divide between right and left in this country has each side thinking the enemy is the other, when the true enemy is those at the top wanting power over all the rest of us. This 1984 style data collection will hurt probably more Democrats than Republicans if the algorithms work like I predict, yet it’s a right wing tea party site alerting us to the threat and Democrats failing to put in this protection. That’s because Democrat elite in power already have their wealth and don’t care. For whatever reason right now it’s mostly the left carrying the torch for tyranny, they are the rotten core in the swamp. Please God let ordinary Democrats wake up and see what those at the top of their party have become before it’s too late.

Spin Zone / Re: Joke Thread: Post 'em if ya got 'em
« on: January 24, 2020, 10:18:59 AM »
I was listening to CNN in my car yesterday and I heard something that I never thought I'd hear on that station.  I wish I knew who it was talking.

He said (paraphrasing) that when he was listening to Schiff, he was shaking his head up and down and agreeing with him.  But then when he heard the Rs rebutting him, he said he thought to himself;  wow, they have a good point too.  So it is easy to go back and forth if you have an open mind.

I'd like to know who he was because I can't believe CNN will allow someone with an open mind back on their show.
(sorry, this wasn't a joke).

Wow!  You were probably having an auditory hallucination.

Spin Zone / Re: Joke Thread: Post 'em if ya got 'em
« on: January 23, 2020, 08:38:56 AM »

Spin Zone / Re: TSA helps DEA steal old man’s life savings: $82K
« on: January 22, 2020, 10:14:24 AM »
To get more specific, the problem in government are the SES (Senior Executive Service) types.   These are the ones that make regulations and guidance to achieve whatever goals they want, and with seldom oversight.  These are the ones in the FBI/DoJ that have created the biggest problems.

 In municipalities it's the Sheriff's Offices and Police Offices, more specifically the leadership that creates these confiscation schemes as a way to raise funds for the department.  They go on the premise of "you can't fight city hall" as well as knowing how expensive it could be to sue and try to regain the funds.

 Here's one example:

The Johnny what’s his name example does seem very likely to be drug money, but he was never criminally charged and so innocent until proven guilty should apply. It’s strange that they list number 6, admission that the money was from drug sales.  Did he? Or were they lying? If he confessed, why didn’t they charge him? I guess because he didn’t have drugs on him, only minuscule amounts of marijuana, steroids and a gun.Does that mean a confession alone isn’t enough evidence to charge you?

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