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Spin Zone / Re: Fauci Lied
« on: October 22, 2021, 07:40:50 AM »
I'm afraid this is pure hogwash.  I saw the fucking sequence when it came out, there wasn't any such thing.

Are you asserting that Wade has it wrong in this article when he says the furin cleavage site contains T-CCT-CGG-CGG-GC with the two side-by-side CGG codons ? (

Certainly that is important if he has that wrong. If so, please cite to the appropriate evidence which shows that is not the sequence in SARS2.

Spin Zone / Re: Fauci Lied
« on: October 22, 2021, 07:08:53 AM »
No money has gone fro GoF research.  You don't even know what it is and wouldn't know it if it bit you in the six. My pet tortoises know more biology than you ever will.   All you know is what you read on Twitter.

The money in Wuhan was to track coronaviruses in bats because
  • That's where the bats were that carried them
  • the bat coronaviruses had previously jumped into domestic animals and humans
You’re right. Money isn’t fungible, and really, what’s the risk of sending $40 MM US taxpayer dollars to a communist Chinese government lab right next to a Chinese military bioweapons lab?  What could go wrong? 

Lucifer is such an alarmist.

Spin Zone / Re: Fauci Lied
« on: October 22, 2021, 07:05:55 AM »
What is your id?

Sometimes you and N7 say things I feel on a visceral level but don't verbalize. Not always, but often. Very often. Especially when it's general and not personal. It's not a perfect analogy.

So you’re claiming that the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s information is biased (one of his cited sources,) whereas your un-named, un-cited skeptical stance is sufficient counter-factual and unbiased? Amazing the power of your factually unsupported view over any and all contrary sources of information.

Let's see....

Who does the Pa DOH get significant funding from.........
And what has the Governor of that state done to cause serious distrust about the scamdemic???

I just can't imagine why people won't pander to their bullshit conclusions...

Just can't.


I think the unvaccinated have been wholly less cautious in behavior than the vaccinated, who might have the education to take COVID seriously and not label it a mild flu like the folks here.

I can say the same thing another way. The vaccinated have been wholly paranoid in behavior, becoming terrified hermits because they have been urged to take a disease with a 99+% survival rate seriously and behave as if it were the bubonic plague.

Actually most people are probably on a spectrum between the two. But the point you and I probably agree on is that nobody really knows to what extent the vaccinated might be shedding virus.


And please please don't leave.  I might not agree, but it is such a pleasure to have a reasoned discourse instead of puerile insults.  We desperately need folks like you around here.

Agree completely!

The difficulty with this site is finding anything other than Right Wing blogs that you guys would consider reliable.  I'm sort of hoping that the Smithsonian will do.
Really is preferable to use the peer reviewed literature. The Smithsonian possesses no particular expertise in these matters and is a lay publication. Pubmed or Google Scholar is usually very helpful. Also this is based on a report by the CDC. The CDC’s WMMR is not a peer-reviewed publication either.

But if we take it as reported as the relative odds of dying from COVID-19, that does not speak directly to the question which Lucifer asked, which is documentation of the fact that the majority of people dying in hospitals are unvaccinated.

As noted by multiple posters above. The relative risk of death if infected and the fraction of people dying who are vaccinated are related but not the same measures. The relationship depends on the fraction of the population vaccinated.

Pilot Zone / What if pilots have bad vaccine reactions while flying?
« on: October 20, 2021, 08:37:53 AM »
and doesn't the nRNA vaccine work by disabling the ability of virus to replicate?  (or rather, by causing the body to produce antibodies that disable the virus replication ability)
Not an expert on that, but I believe the Pfizer and Moderna work by causing the host cells to produce the spike protein of the virus and then the host mounts an immune response to that spike protein.

This is one reason that natural immunity may be more robust. It exposes the host to all possible parts of the virus which the hosts immune system can react to rather than just the spike protein.

Some treatments of rna viruses do suppress the ability of the virus to replicate. Not sure if those are used in some of the other treatments for COVID-19.

Peter, even the quickest Pubmed search will confirm everything I've said.  It's really basic immunology.  Luciferase claimed it was all BS, I asked why.  Seems reasonable to me.

I believe this thread of the discussion arose when someone asked why you would fear the unvaccinated more than the vaccinated and you responded "Because the unvaccinated contract the illness at a far greater rate, suffer worse disease, and give off far more infectious particles."

Let's see if we can understand this question and answer a bit better.

In defense of this position, I will note that it does seem "reasonable" on the face of it and that calling such a position "BS" is probably not conducive to informative discussion. Where I think a question arises is particularly in regard to the 3rd assertion, that the unvaccinated give off more virions.

I agree this is no doubt true for many previously used more effective vaccines. In those cases, the disease is almost completely suppressed in the vaccinated and they just don't get the illness anymore (or at least with very low probability, say less than 0.5%).

The difference with the present batch of Covid-19 vaccines is that they are of course a new technology and are not as effective as many classic vaccines in common use. For example, even the Pfizer against the alpha variant was only 95% and there are reliable reports that this rate of effectiveness is considerably lower against newer variants.

These differences imply that qualitative reasoning that may have worked for prior vaccines may not work so well here. One can again intuit a number of possible mechanisms that might give rise to the vaccinated giving off, on average in a population, far more virions than with prior illnesses and vaccines. Amongst them:

More vaccinated people being infected with a variant and thus being infectious and shedding virions.
Vaccinated people giving off more virions when infected because of the virus needing to have a higher viral load to overcome the partial immunity provided by the vaccination.
Vaccinated people being unaware of being ill and therefore less cautious in how they interact with others when ill.

Which of these dominates in a particular situation or whether any of these possible mechanisms is actually important in real life cannot be determined by qualitative reasoning because none of the fractions involved in the case of Covid-19 are close enough to 0 or 1 for that to work. Rather, one must measure what is happening in the real world. Biological systems are complex and it is often the case that many possible pathways and mechanisms push and pull against each other in the real world. Measurement is necessary to understand the outcome in these systems.

This is where a Pubmed search looking for the most recent findings of actual studies in the real world can be very helpful.

I don't presently know what the answer to this is. It is entirely possible that there are no good current studies which would answer this in a meaningful quantitative way. In which case really the honest answer is - we don't know if one should be more concerned about the vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Doesn't really square with the fact that the overwhelming majority of folks in hospitals and dying are all unvaccinated.

I agree with Lucifer here. It may be best to double check this as these numbers may be changing rapidly and depend on the area. I believe I just saw yesterday a report that 80% of the deaths in hospitals in one US location were in the vaccinated.

I pointed out that as the fraction of the vaccinated in a given area goes up, this number will as well.

What is likely of greater interest is the relative risk of death if you are vaccinated or not. That depends not only on the fraction of people dying who are vaccinated, but also the fraction of the population which is vaccinated. My understanding is that the relative risk of seriously bad outcomes is considerably lower if you are vaccinated and you become infected. Particularly in higher risk groups.

Then explain to us in your own words why you think I'm mistaken.

Why not actually see what the peer-reviewed literature on this says? I don't know but a quick PubMed search might be informative.

Intuition and qualitative arguments are often wrong in the real world of biomedicine.

How many of those dangerous unvaccinated are already naturally immune?

Spin Zone / Re: Covidiocy Continued
« on: October 19, 2021, 07:34:38 AM »
WOW!   I just called my doctor’s office.  He IS now prescribing ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine if you get covid!  Last year he was telling me “no” to hydroxychloroquine.  I wonder what changed his mind.  He’s pretty open minded about alternative medicine in general and I had thought he got brainwashed by politics.

My chiro told me about another practice that is prescribing them and I was considering getting in with them, but they’re a half hour away. My regular doctor is 5 mins away.  Glad I called.

Could it have been pressure from his patients? Has he been reading the studies about them? I’m thrilled because I really like him and was having problems with his position last year.

Cool Places to Fly / Cedar Breaks UT trip - October 2021
« on: October 12, 2021, 07:56:41 PM »
For fall this year we decided to go see the colors in SW Utah and visit Cedar Breaks National Monument and Brian Head.

I have been blessed recently that my wife has decided that she will simply start flying with me in small planes and actually is taking lessons to learn how to land. This provides a lot more opportunities to travel together. This trip really benefits from a small plane because you can fly right over the Grand Canyon, rather than having to drive all the way around it.

Colorado river at the bottom of the Grand Canyon

Fall colors on the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes to the west of Kanab UT.

Kanab creek flowing down to the Grand Canyon.

Panoramic view of Cedar Breaks looking west.

Pilot Zone / Pirep: Bose Corporation
« on: October 12, 2021, 06:56:52 PM »
I had a 10-year old Bose A20 headset that was in desperate need of refurbishment. The batteries would only last 1-2 flights, the cable was cracked, the ear pads were pulling out and torn.

At OSH Bose told me that they usually do refurbishments at the show, but because of Covid, they couldn’t do that. But they wanted to see my headset, recorded the serial number, and handed me a card for a 50% discount off their usual $225 refurbishment cost. I had to pay for shipping there, but they paid for return shipping via UPS.

I sent it in during the last week in September, and just got it back today. Bose replaced the ear cups, the cord and the battery control unit, the head band pads, and the mic - seems like everything except for the ear cups and hard head band. All for $112.50 plus tax, and I basically have a brand new Bose A20.

I purchased a David Clark One-X before sending in my Bose, so now I’ll use the DCs in my NAvion, while my pax get a nice, comfy Bose.

Well done, Bose.

Spin Zone / Re: Why I’m not getting the vaccine
« on: October 12, 2021, 05:36:03 AM »
Breaking care is no longer a basic human right unless you are fully obedient to the masters and compliant with all orders including getting vaccinated, and have publicly denounced DJT and, if white, admitted you are a racist, or, if black, submitted proof you haven’t abandoned the Democrat plantation.


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