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Spin Zone / Re: I was thinking....
« on: Today at 08:56:05 AM »
What, just for THINKING? I’ll get the President to halt their transport.  :)
You don’t think the democrats consider re-education an essential government function?   Well, that plus killing babies.

Spin Zone / Re: The Crazy Train will leave the station today
« on: Today at 08:51:57 AM »
Just wait until one of the MSM networks offers her $1miilion+/year contract.
AOC will turn 35 on 10/13/2024.

After 3 terms in the House of Reps, want to take money on the presumptive presidential democrat nominee for the 2024 presidential election? 

Spin Zone / Re: I was thinking....
« on: Today at 08:45:52 AM »
You gentlemen will now be escorted to the political re-education camp, being run by Commandant Ocasio-Cortez. That black helicopter now hovering in your front yards is your ride. Enjoy the re-learning!

Spin Zone / Re: The Crazy Train will leave the station today
« on: Today at 12:04:56 AM »
Sandy isn’t into power, she’s into celebrity.  Look for her to start hangin’ with the Hollyweird crowd.

I give her two terms, max.
I don’t think so. The salary of $174k is better than bartending. We need to prepare for a long haul with her. As ignorant as she is, the press gives her unlimited attention.

Spin Zone / Re: Trump hits back at Pelosi after a day of silence
« on: January 17, 2019, 09:36:53 PM »
Super good timing, too ... he waited until they were on the bus heading for the plane.
It was just ..... perfect. Man I love this guy. People think they can out-Trump Donald Trump. I’m not sure it’s possible.

Can you imagine the laughter in the meeting when it was proposed that Trump ground Pelosi and Schiff? 

Spin Zone / Re: Trump hits back at Pelosi after a day of silence
« on: January 17, 2019, 04:45:10 PM »
Love it.

What happens if she just ignores it and goes anyway?
I would imagine some full bird colonel will find he’s permanently based in Greenland.

This is so rich.

Dems can boycott SOTU. Half of Congress missing would really look good!

Or they can attend and look like pouty baby zombies while Trump unloads on them to all of America.

Then they can respond with canned pablum laced with liberal Kool Aid.
Fill the empty seats on the Democrat side of the aisle with Angel Moms. (Parents of children killed by illegal immigrants.).

Or give the SOTU from the border, with border agents as the audience.

Spin Zone / Re: Trump hits back at Pelosi after a day of silence
« on: January 17, 2019, 01:22:40 PM »
EPIC.  Mic drop. 

Much of Science seems to have become corrupt, and all about money and funding.  Scientist are now greedy, and biased in many instances.  Ethics have taken a back seat to greed, and personal gain.
THIS is what concerns me most. Last night I took a red eye back home, and driving home from the airport I listened to Coast to Coast AM with some host named George something. He had a physicist with a Ph.D. In nuclear chemistry or geochemistry. I think his name was Marvin Herndon or something. Anyway, the discussion was on geoengineering and I shit you not, chemtrails.  He had all kinds of information on some chemical from coal fly ash which is used to manipulate weather that was found in children, blah blah blah. He spoke about the “deep state perfect storm”, implying that government (military) manipulation of the weather is a direct cause of the CA wildfires, etc. 

So here’s the problem. Just as some pilots are vastly better than other pilots, some PhD scientists are vastly different from other PhD scientists. Throw in government political motivation for a desired outcome, government research grants potentially impacting objectivity, and media into the mix, and you get at best something that we ALL should be skeptical about.

So Steingar ridiculed the scientist that
Is the topic of this thread. I ridicule the lunatic scientist on Coast to Coast. Steingar’s measure for incontestable proof is “peer review”, but punctuated by what he feels or believes.  He used those terms above I believe. Yet are those peer reviewers pure as the wind driven snow, or are they potentially biased as well?  Is Steingar at the top of the genetic scientist heap, or is he at the bottom?  We don’t know, but I’m put on guard when he completely dismisses and ridicules the scientist in this article, or  climate scientists that don’t happen to match his scientific world view on MMCC.

Since you seem to believe that you're an expert Geneticist, I invite you to cite Watson's peer-reviewed findings in this area.  I doubt there are any, since he hasn't done any active bench research in decades.  He was instrumental in moving the human genome project forward, and his was the first genome sequenced.

The big difference between you all and me is that unlike you, I've met the man.  I also know a lot of the folks who worked around him at Cold Spring Harbor, they told fun stories.

What none of you grasp is that I have only said he hasn't the data to back up his contentions.  Had he I would object strongly to the Nobel committee taking away his award. Data is neither liberal nor conservative, and it is always, always correct.
Can you share with us the peer review findings of your experiment in your classroom that confirmed your findings about first born children?  I’d love to read that.

Pilot Zone / Re: A Few Aviation Questions
« on: January 14, 2019, 01:44:17 PM »
An easy way to cut down on these types of posts is to create an intuitive, user friendly FAQ, separate from the forums, that allow questions like this to be answered.

But if you want more aviation related content then you have to take the good with the bad. Solid content that is new, thoughtful discussions, blog posts, etc. are good ways to help cut down on that. I don't think you'll ever get rid of all the types of posts you're talking about, though.
Ok, Captain Serious. Just having a little fun remembering idiotic posts.

Spin Zone / Re: Ben Shapiro v. Steve King
« on: January 14, 2019, 12:53:03 PM »
This is the problem when the Media is largely representing one side of the political spectrum and that is the LEFT.  They OWN the narrative, and they sway people to believe these utter lies.  So, in effect we are constantly dealing with a propaganda machine that sets the agenda, creates public opinion, and will certainly MOLD POLICY.  It is scary.
I don’t usually if ever peruse CNN or MSNBC, by when I’m trapped in an airport of a hotel, I often have no choice in the matter.

In those situations, I have absolutely no idea who this Donald Trump is that they are crowing about. The person they are talking about is a cross between Pol Pot, George Wallace, and Hitler. It is NOT the same person that I recognize as our president. Yet day in and day out that is the ONLY persona that they represent. To them, there is no other “truth.” 

Pilot Zone / Re: A Few Aviation Questions
« on: January 14, 2019, 12:45:36 PM »
I’m new here, and just need you all to write my term paper for me, I’m a student at Embry Fiddle and wonder, how and why did you all become pilots and do you regret it? What are your highs and lows, ha ha.  Should I continue my education or just get out there in the industry and get hours? Someday I want to get married and will that be okay if I am a pilot?
Ha! I see you’ve spent a lot of time there.

I lost patience with these posts:

“I want to be a pilot, but I have a drug conviction on my record when I was 16.  I wasn’t even using the stuff much, I just sold some to my friends. I spent less than a year in juvenile detention. However, I can’t find an AME willing to give me a third class medical so I can begin my journey to becoming an airline pilot. It is really unfair.  I mean, has everyone been perfect their entire lives?”

Spin Zone / Re: Ben Shapiro v. Steve King
« on: January 14, 2019, 12:34:22 PM »
The term "white nationalism" is not at all a recent term, as a bit of Googling will reveal. But I agree, "nationalism" is not a bad thing.
I’ve read the Wiki entry on this term, and there is no reference as to when this term entered the American lexicon. I won’t research this stupid exercise any further. But the fact is, to virtually the entire left and to the MSM, “Nationalism” (or patriotism, America-first, or anything related) is immediately and unequivocally linked to “white nationalism”, and thus branding anyone supporting nationalism as being a racist, or worse. The brand is permanent.

Look at the lies about Trump being a racist because he said there were good people on both sides of the Charlottesville situation. Do you doubt that there were people there who, like me, don’t believe in ripping down historic statutes of one of the most significant phases of our country’s history, just because it suddenly makes some people uncomfortable?  Those are the people Trump was speaking to, not the true white supremacists that still exist in many places in the south, and elsewhere.

Spin Zone / Re: Ben Shapiro v. Steve King
« on: January 14, 2019, 10:43:20 AM »
For Steve King, at least, scrubbing the history books would have made no difference, since he doesn't know why the history of white nationalism and white supremacy makes them offensive, and so clearly hasn't read any of the history books.
Obviously he should know the term white supremacy. But I reject the characterization of “white” nationalism. Nationalism is not wrong; it’s a very good thing in most cases. The adjective “white” has been attached recently (probably since Trump started to run) to create a racist connotation, and to obfuscate the lines between nationalism and white supremacy. In fact you did the same thing in your post.

MAGA, America first, or whatever you want to call it is NOT a bad thing, but NOW, due to a wholesale hijacking of the language, many on the left, including virtually ALL the talking heads on the left, equate nationalism or nationalists with racists and white supremacists that it’s simply a given in their view. So when a guy like King states something on the topic, he’s immediately the top KKK representative in the state of Iowa.

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