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Spin Zone / Re: Vivek Ramaswamy
« on: June 03, 2023, 08:11:08 PM »
Well, yeah. But I have to find some excuse to apply the useless tidbits I've run across over the years.

Spin Zone / Re: The Debt Ceiling
« on: June 03, 2023, 06:41:56 PM »
Yep.  Radical idiots on both sides voted no.

Nay  FL      R    Rubio, Marco
Nay  FL      R    Scott, Rick

Spin Zone / Re: The Debt Ceiling
« on: June 03, 2023, 03:20:42 PM »
Nay  MA     D    Markey, Ed
Nay  MA     D    Warren, Elizabeth *
Nay  OR     D    Merkley, Jeff
Nay  PA      D    Fetterman, John
Yea   AZ      D    Kelly, Mark
Yea   CA      D    Feinstein, Dianne
Yea   CA      D    Padilla, Alex
Yea   CO      D    Bennet, Michael
Yea   CO      D    Hickenlooper, John
Yea   CT      D    Blumenthal, Richard
Yea   CT      D    Murphy, Christopher
Yea   DE      D    Carper, Thomas
Yea   DE      D    Coons, Christopher
Yea   GA      D    Ossoff, Jon
Yea   GA      D    Warnock, Raphael
Yea   HI       D    Hirono, Mazie
Yea   HI       D    Schatz, Brian
Yea   IL       D    Duckworth, Tammy
Yea   IL       D    Durbin, Richard
Yea   MD     D    Cardin, Benjamin
Yea   MD     D    Van Hollen, Chris
Yea   MI      D    Peters, Gary
Yea   MI      D    Stabenow, Debbie
Yea   MN     D    Klobuchar, Amy
Yea   MN     D    Smith, Tina
Yea   MT     D    Tester, Jon
Yea   NH     D    Hassan, Maggie
Yea   NH     D    Shaheen, Jeanne
Yea   NJ      D    Booker, Cory
Yea   NJ      D    Menendez, Bob
Yea   NM     D    Heinrich, Martin
Yea   NM     D    Luján, Ben
Yea   NV      D    Cortez Masto, Catherine
Yea   NV      D    Rosen, Jacky
Yea   NY      D    Gillibrand, Kirsten
Yea   NY      D    Schumer, Chuck
Yea   OH     D    Brown, Sherrod
Yea   OR     D    Wyden, Ron
Yea   PA      D    Casey, Bob
Yea   RI       D    Reed, Jack
Yea   RI       D    Whitehouse, Sheldon
Yea   VA      D    Kaine, Tim
Yea   VA      D    Warner, Mark
Yea   VT      D    Welch, Peter
Yea   WA     D    Cantwell, Maria
Yea   WA     D    Murray, Patty
Yea   WI      D    Baldwin, Tammy
Yea   WV     D    Manchin, Joe
Nay  VT      I      Sanders, Bernie *
Yea   AZ      I      Sinema, Kyrsten
Yea   ME     I      King, Angus
Nay  AK      R    Sullivan, Dan
Nay  AL      R    Britt, Katie
Nay  AL      R    Tuberville, Tommy
Nay  AR      R    Cotton, Tom
Nay  FL      R    Rubio, Marco
Nay  FL      R    Scott, Rick
Nay  ID       R    Crapo, Mike
Nay  ID       R    Risch, James
Nay  IN       R    Braun, Mike
Nay  KS      R    Marshall, Roger
Nay  KY      R    Paul, Rand
Nay  LA      R    Cassidy, Bill
Nay  LA      R    Kennedy, John Neely
Nay  MO     R    Hawley, Josh
Nay  MO     R    Schmitt, Eric
Nay  MS     R    Hyde-Smith, Cindy
Nay  MS     R    Wicker, Roger
Nay  MT     R    Daines, Steve
Nay  NC      R    Budd, Ted
Nay  NE      R    Fischer, Deb
Nay  NE      R    Ricketts, Pete
Nay  OH     R    Vance, J.D. (James)
Nay  OK     R    Lankford, James
Nay  SC       R    Graham, Lindsey
Nay  SC       R    Scott, Tim
Nay  TN      R    Blackburn, Marsha
Nay  TX      R    Cruz, Ted
Nay  UT      R    Lee, Mike
Nay  WI      R    Johnson, Ron
Nay  WY     R    Barrasso, John
Nay  WY     R    Lummis, Cynthia
No Vote    TN      R    Hagerty, Bill
Yea   AK      R    Murkowski, Lisa
Yea   AR      R    Boozman, John
Yea   IA       R    Ernst, Joni *
Yea   IA       R    Grassley, Chuck
Yea   IN       R    Young, Todd
Yea   KS      R    Moran, Jerry
Yea   KY      R    McConnell, Mitch *
Yea   ME     R    Collins, Susan
Yea   NC      R    Tillis, Thom
Yea   ND     R    Cramer, Kevin
Yea   ND     R    Hoeven, John
Yea   OK     R    Mullin, Markwayne
Yea   SD      R    Rounds, Mike
Yea   SD      R    Thune, John *
Yea   TX      R    Cornyn, John
Yea   UT      R    Romney, Mitt
Yea   WV     R    Capito, Shelley *
Sewell   Democratic   Alabama   AYE
Peltola   Democratic   Alaska   AYE
Gallego   Democratic   Arizona   AYE
Stanton   Democratic   Arizona   AYE
Aguilar   Democratic   California   AYE
Bera   Democratic   California   AYE
Brownley   Democratic   California   AYE
Carbajal   Democratic   California   AYE
Cárdenas   Democratic   California   AYE
Correa   Democratic   California   AYE
Costa   Democratic   California   AYE
Eshoo   Democratic   California   AYE
Garamendi   Democratic   California   AYE
Garcia, Robert   Democratic   California   AYE
Harder (CA)   Democratic   California   AYE
Jacobs   Democratic   California   AYE
Levin   Democratic   California   AYE
Lieu   Democratic   California   AYE
Lofgren   Democratic   California   AYE
Matsui   Democratic   California   AYE
Mullin   Democratic   California   AYE
Napolitano   Democratic   California   AYE
Panetta   Democratic   California   AYE
Pelosi   Democratic   California   AYE
Peters   Democratic   California   AYE
Ruiz   Democratic   California   AYE
Sánchez   Democratic   California   AYE
Schiff   Democratic   California   AYE
Sherman   Democratic   California   AYE
Swalwell   Democratic   California   AYE
Takano   Democratic   California   AYE
Thompson (CA)   Democratic   California   AYE
Waters   Democratic   California   AYE
Caraveo   Democratic   Colorado   AYE
Crow   Democratic   Colorado   AYE
DeGette   Democratic   Colorado   AYE
Neguse   Democratic   Colorado   AYE
Pettersen   Democratic   Colorado   AYE
Courtney   Democratic   Connecticut   AYE
Himes   Democratic   Connecticut   AYE
Blunt Rochester   Democratic   Delaware   AYE
Castor (FL)   Democratic   Florida   AYE
Cherfilus-McCormick   Democratic   Florida   AYE
Frankel, Lois   Democratic   Florida   AYE
Frost   Democratic   Florida   AYE
Moskowitz   Democratic   Florida   AYE
Soto   Democratic   Florida   AYE
Wasserman Schultz   Democratic   Florida   AYE
Bishop (GA)   Democratic   Georgia   AYE
Johnson (GA)   Democratic   Georgia   AYE
McBath   Democratic   Georgia   AYE
Scott, David   Democratic   Georgia   AYE
Case   Democratic   Hawaii   AYE
Tokuda   Democratic   Hawaii   AYE
Budzinski   Democratic   Illinois   AYE
Casten   Democratic   Illinois   AYE
Davis (IL)   Democratic   Illinois   AYE
Foster   Democratic   Illinois   AYE
Jackson (IL)   Democratic   Illinois   AYE
Kelly (IL)   Democratic   Illinois   AYE
Krishnamoorthi   Democratic   Illinois   AYE
Quigley   Democratic   Illinois   AYE
Schneider   Democratic   Illinois   AYE
Sorensen   Democratic   Illinois   AYE
Underwood   Democratic   Illinois   AYE
Carson   Democratic   Indiana   AYE
Mrvan   Democratic   Indiana   AYE
Davids (KS)   Democratic   Kansas   AYE
McGarvey   Democratic   Kentucky   AYE
Carter (LA)   Democratic   Louisiana   AYE
Golden (ME)   Democratic   Maine   AYE
Pingree   Democratic   Maine   AYE
Hoyer   Democratic   Maryland   AYE
Ivey   Democratic   Maryland   AYE
Mfume   Democratic   Maryland   AYE
Raskin   Democratic   Maryland   AYE
Ruppersberger   Democratic   Maryland   AYE
Sarbanes   Democratic   Maryland   AYE
Trone   Democratic   Maryland   AYE
Auchincloss   Democratic   Massachusetts   AYE
Clark (MA)   Democratic   Massachusetts   AYE
Keating   Democratic   Massachusetts   AYE
Lynch   Democratic   Massachusetts   AYE
Moulton   Democratic   Massachusetts   AYE
Neal   Democratic   Massachusetts   AYE
Trahan   Democratic   Massachusetts   AYE
Dingell   Democratic   Michigan   AYE
Kildee   Democratic   Michigan   AYE
Scholten   Democratic   Michigan   AYE
Slotkin   Democratic   Michigan   AYE
Stevens   Democratic   Michigan   AYE
Thanedar   Democratic   Michigan   AYE
McCollum   Democratic   Minnesota   AYE
Omar   Democratic   Minnesota   AYE
Phillips   Democratic   Minnesota   AYE
Thompson (MS)   Democratic   Mississippi   AYE
Cleaver   Democratic   Missouri   AYE
Horsford   Democratic   Nevada   AYE
Lee (NV)   Democratic   Nevada   AYE
Titus   Democratic   Nevada   AYE
Kuster   Democratic   New Hampshire   AYE
Pappas   Democratic   New Hampshire   AYE
Gottheimer   Democratic   New Jersey   AYE
Kim (NJ)   Democratic   New Jersey   AYE
Menendez   Democratic   New Jersey   AYE
Norcross   Democratic   New Jersey   AYE
Pallone   Democratic   New Jersey   AYE
Pascrell   Democratic   New Jersey   AYE
Payne   Democratic   New Jersey   AYE
Sherrill   Democratic   New Jersey   AYE
Watson Coleman   Democratic   New Jersey   AYE
Leger Fernandez   Democratic   New Mexico   AYE
Vasquez   Democratic   New Mexico   AYE
Higgins (NY)   Democratic   New York   AYE
Jeffries   Democratic   New York   AYE
Meeks   Democratic   New York   AYE
Morelle   Democratic   New York   AYE
Ryan   Democratic   New York   AYE
Tonko   Democratic   New York   AYE
Adams   Democratic   North Carolina   AYE
Davis (NC)   Democratic   North Carolina   AYE
Foushee   Democratic   North Carolina   AYE
Jackson (NC)   Democratic   North Carolina   AYE
Manning   Democratic   North Carolina   AYE
Nickel   Democratic   North Carolina   AYE
Beatty   Democratic   Ohio   AYE
Brown   Democratic   Ohio   AYE
Kaptur   Democratic   Ohio   AYE
Landsman   Democratic   Ohio   AYE
Sykes   Democratic   Ohio   AYE
Blumenauer   Democratic   Oregon   AYE
Salinas   Democratic   Oregon   AYE
Boyle (PA)   Democratic   Pennsylvania   AYE
Cartwright   Democratic   Pennsylvania   AYE
Dean (PA)   Democratic   Pennsylvania   AYE
Deluzio   Democratic   Pennsylvania   AYE
Evans   Democratic   Pennsylvania   AYE
Houlahan   Democratic   Pennsylvania   AYE
Scanlon   Democratic   Pennsylvania   AYE
Wild   Democratic   Pennsylvania   AYE
Cicilline   Democratic   Rhode Island   AYE
Magaziner   Democratic   Rhode Island   AYE
Clyburn   Democratic   South Carolina   AYE
Cohen   Democratic   Tennessee   AYE
Allred   Democratic   Texas   AYE
Cuellar   Democratic   Texas   AYE
Doggett   Democratic   Texas   AYE
Escobar   Democratic   Texas   AYE
Fletcher   Democratic   Texas   AYE
Gonzalez, Vicente   Democratic   Texas   AYE
Green, Al (TX)   Democratic   Texas   AYE
Jackson Lee   Democratic   Texas   AYE
Veasey   Democratic   Texas   AYE
Balint   Democratic   Vermont   AYE
Beyer   Democratic   Virginia   AYE
McClellan   Democratic   Virginia   AYE
Spanberger   Democratic   Virginia   AYE
Wexton   Democratic   Virginia   AYE
DelBene   Democratic   Washington   AYE
Kilmer   Democratic   Washington   AYE
Larsen (WA)   Democratic   Washington   AYE
Perez   Democratic   Washington   AYE
Schrier   Democratic   Washington   AYE
Smith (WA)   Democratic   Washington   AYE
Strickland   Democratic   Washington   AYE
Grijalva   Democratic   Arizona   NO
Barragán   Democratic   California   NO
Chu   Democratic   California   NO
DeSaulnier   Democratic   California   NO
Gomez   Democratic   California   NO
Huffman   Democratic   California   NO
Kamlager-Dove   Democratic   California   NO
Khanna   Democratic   California   NO
Lee (CA)   Democratic   California   NO
Porter   Democratic   California   NO
Torres (CA)   Democratic   California   NO
Vargas   Democratic   California   NO
DeLauro   Democratic   Connecticut   NO
Hayes   Democratic   Connecticut   NO
Larson (CT)   Democratic   Connecticut   NO
Wilson (FL)   Democratic   Florida   NO
Williams (GA)   Democratic   Georgia   NO
García (IL)   Democratic   Illinois   NO
Ramirez   Democratic   Illinois   NO
Schakowsky   Democratic   Illinois   NO
McGovern   Democratic   Massachusetts   NO
Pressley   Democratic   Massachusetts   NO
Tlaib   Democratic   Michigan   NO
Bush   Democratic   Missouri   NO
Stansbury   Democratic   New Mexico   NO
Bowman   Democratic   New York   NO
Clarke (NY)   Democratic   New York   NO
Espaillat   Democratic   New York   NO
Goldman (NY)   Democratic   New York   NO
Meng   Democratic   New York   NO
Nadler   Democratic   New York   NO
Ocasio-Cortez   Democratic   New York   NO
Torres (NY)   Democratic   New York   NO
Velázquez   Democratic   New York   NO
Bonamici   Democratic   Oregon   NO
Hoyle (OR)   Democratic   Oregon   NO
Lee (PA)   Democratic   Pennsylvania   NO
Casar   Democratic   Texas   NO
Castro (TX)   Democratic   Texas   NO
Crockett   Democratic   Texas   NO
Garcia (TX)   Democratic   Texas   NO
Connolly   Democratic   Virginia   NO
Scott (VA)   Democratic   Virginia   NO
Jayapal   Democratic   Washington   NO
Moore (WI)   Democratic   Wisconsin   NO
Pocan   Democratic   Wisconsin   NO
Craig   Democratic   Minnesota   NOT VOTING
Ross   Democratic   North Carolina   NOT VOTING
Aderholt   Republican   Alabama   AYE
Carl   Republican   Alabama   AYE
Rogers (AL)   Republican   Alabama   AYE
Ciscomani   Republican   Arizona   AYE
Schweikert   Republican   Arizona   AYE
Crawford   Republican   Arkansas   AYE
Hill   Republican   Arkansas   AYE
Westerman   Republican   Arkansas   AYE
Womack   Republican   Arkansas   AYE
Calvert   Republican   California   AYE
Duarte   Republican   California   AYE
Garcia, Mike   Republican   California   AYE
Issa   Republican   California   AYE
Kiley   Republican   California   AYE
Kim (CA)   Republican   California   AYE
LaMalfa   Republican   California   AYE
McCarthy   Republican   California   AYE
McClintock   Republican   California   AYE
Obernolte   Republican   California   AYE
Steel   Republican   California   AYE
Valadao   Republican   California   AYE
Lamborn   Republican   Colorado   AYE
Bean (FL)   Republican   Florida   AYE
Bilirakis   Republican   Florida   AYE
Diaz-Balart   Republican   Florida   AYE
Dunn (FL)   Republican   Florida   AYE
Franklin, C. Scott   Republican   Florida   AYE
Gimenez   Republican   Florida   AYE
Lee (FL)   Republican   Florida   AYE
Rutherford   Republican   Florida   AYE
Salazar   Republican   Florida   AYE
Webster (FL)   Republican   Florida   AYE
Allen   Republican   Georgia   AYE
Carter (GA)   Republican   Georgia   AYE
Ferguson   Republican   Georgia   AYE
Greene (GA)   Republican   Georgia   AYE
Loudermilk   Republican   Georgia   AYE
Scott, Austin   Republican   Georgia   AYE
Simpson   Republican   Idaho   AYE
Baird   Republican   Indiana   AYE
Bucshon   Republican   Indiana   AYE
Houchin   Republican   Indiana   AYE
Pence   Republican   Indiana   AYE
Yakym   Republican   Indiana   AYE
Feenstra   Republican   Iowa   AYE
Hinson   Republican   Iowa   AYE
Miller-Meeks   Republican   Iowa   AYE
Nunn (IA)   Republican   Iowa   AYE
Estes   Republican   Kansas   AYE
LaTurner   Republican   Kansas   AYE
Barr   Republican   Kentucky   AYE
Comer   Republican   Kentucky   AYE
Guthrie   Republican   Kentucky   AYE
Massie   Republican   Kentucky   AYE
Rogers (KY)   Republican   Kentucky   AYE
Graves (LA)   Republican   Louisiana   AYE
Johnson (LA)   Republican   Louisiana   AYE
Letlow   Republican   Louisiana   AYE
Scalise   Republican   Louisiana   AYE
Bergman   Republican   Michigan   AYE
Huizenga   Republican   Michigan   AYE
James   Republican   Michigan   AYE
McClain   Republican   Michigan   AYE
Moolenaar   Republican   Michigan   AYE
Walberg   Republican   Michigan   AYE
Emmer   Republican   Minnesota   AYE
Stauber   Republican   Minnesota   AYE
Ezell   Republican   Mississippi   AYE
Kelly (MS)   Republican   Mississippi   AYE
Graves (MO)   Republican   Missouri   AYE
Luetkemeyer   Republican   Missouri   AYE
Smith (MO)   Republican   Missouri   AYE
Wagner   Republican   Missouri   AYE
Bacon   Republican   Nebraska   AYE
Flood   Republican   Nebraska   AYE
Smith (NE)   Republican   Nebraska   AYE
Amodei   Republican   Nevada   AYE
Kean (NJ)   Republican   New Jersey   AYE
Smith (NJ)   Republican   New Jersey   AYE
D'Esposito   Republican   New York   AYE
Garbarino   Republican   New York   AYE
LaLota   Republican   New York   AYE
Langworthy   Republican   New York   AYE
Lawler   Republican   New York   AYE
Malliotakis   Republican   New York   AYE
Molinaro   Republican   New York   AYE
Stefanik   Republican   New York   AYE
Tenney   Republican   New York   AYE
Williams (NY)   Republican   New York   AYE
Edwards   Republican   North Carolina   AYE
Foxx   Republican   North Carolina   AYE
Hudson   Republican   North Carolina   AYE
McHenry   Republican   North Carolina   AYE
Murphy   Republican   North Carolina   AYE
Rouzer   Republican   North Carolina   AYE
Armstrong   Republican   North Dakota   AYE
Balderson   Republican   Ohio   AYE
Carey   Republican   Ohio   AYE
Davidson   Republican   Ohio   AYE
Johnson (OH)   Republican   Ohio   AYE
Jordan   Republican   Ohio   AYE
Joyce (OH)   Republican   Ohio   AYE
Latta   Republican   Ohio   AYE
Miller (OH)   Republican   Ohio   AYE
Turner   Republican   Ohio   AYE
Wenstrup   Republican   Ohio   AYE
Bice   Republican   Oklahoma   AYE
Cole   Republican   Oklahoma   AYE
Lucas   Republican   Oklahoma   AYE
Bentz   Republican   Oregon   AYE
Chavez-DeRemer   Republican   Oregon   AYE
Fitzpatrick   Republican   Pennsylvania   AYE
Joyce (PA)   Republican   Pennsylvania   AYE
Kelly (PA)   Republican   Pennsylvania   AYE
Meuser   Republican   Pennsylvania   AYE
Reschenthaler   Republican   Pennsylvania   AYE
Smucker   Republican   Pennsylvania   AYE
Thompson (PA)   Republican   Pennsylvania   AYE
Duncan   Republican   South Carolina   AYE
Wilson (SC)   Republican   South Carolina   AYE
Johnson (SD)   Republican   South Dakota   AYE
Fleischmann   Republican   Tennessee   AYE
Green (TN)   Republican   Tennessee   AYE
Kustoff   Republican   Tennessee   AYE
Arrington   Republican   Texas   AYE
Babin   Republican   Texas   AYE
Burgess   Republican   Texas   AYE
Crenshaw   Republican   Texas   AYE
De La Cruz   Republican   Texas   AYE
Ellzey   Republican   Texas   AYE
Granger   Republican   Texas   AYE
McCaul   Republican   Texas   AYE
Nehls   Republican   Texas   AYE
Pfluger   Republican   Texas   AYE
Williams (TX)   Republican   Texas   AYE
Curtis   Republican   Utah   AYE
Moore (UT)   Republican   Utah   AYE
Owens   Republican   Utah   AYE
Stewart   Republican   Utah   AYE
Kiggans (VA)   Republican   Virginia   AYE
Wittman   Republican   Virginia   AYE
Newhouse   Republican   Washington   AYE
Rodgers (WA)   Republican   Washington   AYE
Miller (WV)   Republican   West Virginia   AYE
Fitzgerald   Republican   Wisconsin   AYE
Gallagher   Republican   Wisconsin   AYE
Grothman   Republican   Wisconsin   AYE
Steil   Republican   Wisconsin   AYE
Van Orden   Republican   Wisconsin   AYE
Moore (AL)   Republican   Alabama   NO
Palmer   Republican   Alabama   NO
Strong   Republican   Alabama   NO
Biggs   Republican   Arizona   NO
Crane   Republican   Arizona   NO
Gosar   Republican   Arizona   NO
Lesko   Republican   Arizona   NO
Buck   Republican   Colorado   NO
Buchanan   Republican   Florida   NO
Cammack   Republican   Florida   NO
Donalds   Republican   Florida   NO
Gaetz   Republican   Florida   NO
Luna   Republican   Florida   NO
Mast   Republican   Florida   NO
Mills   Republican   Florida   NO
Posey   Republican   Florida   NO
Steube   Republican   Florida   NO
Waltz   Republican   Florida   NO
Clyde   Republican   Georgia   NO
Collins   Republican   Georgia   NO
McCormick   Republican   Georgia   NO
Fulcher   Republican   Idaho   NO
Bost   Republican   Illinois   NO
LaHood   Republican   Illinois   NO
Miller (IL)   Republican   Illinois   NO
Spartz   Republican   Indiana   NO
Mann   Republican   Kansas   NO
Higgins (LA)   Republican   Louisiana   NO
Harris   Republican   Maryland   NO
Finstad   Republican   Minnesota   NO
Fischbach   Republican   Minnesota   NO
Guest   Republican   Mississippi   NO
Alford   Republican   Missouri   NO
Burlison   Republican   Missouri   NO
Rosendale   Republican   Montana   NO
Zinke   Republican   Montana   NO
Van Drew   Republican   New Jersey   NO
Santos   Republican   New York   NO
Bishop (NC)   Republican   North Carolina   NO
Brecheen   Republican   Oklahoma   NO
Hern   Republican   Oklahoma   NO
Perry   Republican   Pennsylvania   NO
Fry   Republican   South Carolina   NO
Mace   Republican   South Carolina   NO
Norman   Republican   South Carolina   NO
Timmons   Republican   South Carolina   NO
Burchett   Republican   Tennessee   NO
DesJarlais   Republican   Tennessee   NO
Harshbarger   Republican   Tennessee   NO
Ogles   Republican   Tennessee   NO
Rose   Republican   Tennessee   NO
Carter (TX)   Republican   Texas   NO
Cloud   Republican   Texas   NO
Fallon   Republican   Texas   NO
Gonzales, Tony   Republican   Texas   NO
Gooden (TX)   Republican   Texas   NO
Hunt   Republican   Texas   NO
Jackson (TX)   Republican   Texas   NO
Luttrell   Republican   Texas   NO
Moran   Republican   Texas   NO
Roy   Republican   Texas   NO
Self   Republican   Texas   NO
Sessions   Republican   Texas   NO
Van Duyne   Republican   Texas   NO
Weber (TX)   Republican   Texas   NO
Cline   Republican   Virginia   NO
Good (VA)   Republican   Virginia   NO
Griffith   Republican   Virginia   NO
Mooney   Republican   West Virginia   NO
Tiffany   Republican   Wisconsin   NO
Hageman   Republican   Wyoming   NO
Boebert   Republican   Colorado   NOT VOTING
Banks   Republican   Indiana   NOT VOTING

Spin Zone / Re: Trump v DeSantis 2024
« on: June 03, 2023, 02:46:29 PM »
I'm in the burn it all down camp. If that means secession so be it. If it also means Civil War that'll suck but at least this crap will end.

  While others are focused on the president, the real problem is congress.   The UniParty has taken over both houses, and with voter apathy they are rarely ever removed.

  We just watched both houses fuck us over, and supposedly the republicans hold congress.

Spin Zone / Re: Trump v DeSantis 2024
« on: June 03, 2023, 02:23:51 PM »

The thing we have been leaving out is what will Trump be able to do if he does win?  Will we have that "Big Red Wave" that fizzled in '22?
Will Trump have enough support to get anything passed?  Even if the Rs do take both houses, will they vote in lock step for Trump like the Dems vote in lock step for the head Donkey.  I can't imagine a scenario where Trump will have a unified Congress backing him, thus he will be a lame duck from the git-go.

I think DeSantis will be able to get more of what we want done with Congress than Trump will.

  You're still forgetting one thing, the radical democrat communist.   Think a President DeSantis will get the democrats to go along with any conservative agenda under him?   If so, I have this bridge......

  The establishment has more in common with the democrats than not.  We just witnessed the establishment once again fuck us over by passing an unlimited debt ceiling bill.   Even RDS said it was a bad bill.   But if the establishment is going to pick up the tab to get RDS elected, do you really think he's going to go against them in congress?

  RDS, if elected (if he can even get nominated) will be in the hip pocket of the UniParty.  So where does that leave the rest of us?

Spin Zone / Re: Vivek Ramaswamy
« on: June 03, 2023, 01:08:22 PM »
I put it here by accident.  You may move it if you can.
Only in your imagination do I hate Trump.  But I would hate it if a Democrat gets elected because Trump and his backers thought he had a chance.
The rest of my post is my opinion based on my real life experiences, and what I see in all sorts of blogs, posts and rants (both from the right and from the left).  Since you always scoff at people that read opposing points of view, I assume that you do not do that.  Therefore, you have no idea what is really going on in the world or what other people are thinking and saying. And that is why the only reason you can come up with for Trump losing is they must be cheating.

  The democrat communist are not going to back off cheating Joe, you're delusional.  IF RDS can get the nomination, they will go after him just like Trump.  They will start trotting out bimbos right and left, he will be accused of rape, they will concoct scandal after scandal, they will take his sound bites and twist them, etc, etc,.   

   "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."   Whats at issue here is who is the target, and that's the biggest threat, the front runner.   

Spin Zone / Re: Vivek Ramaswamy
« on: June 03, 2023, 12:28:24 PM »
Here is my problem with Trump.

Too many people really really hate him.  They hate him with ever fiber in their being.  They are impassioned about their hate and don't mind telling anyone and everyone.  They encourage others to vote (against Trump) and belittle and humiliate anyone that doesn't vote against Trump.

In my experience, almost ever Democrat I know, and I know way to many of them, admit that there was cheating in the 2020 election, BUT THEY DON'T CARE.  Even people that I thought were good and honest, even if naive are fine with cheating as long as it keeps Trump from winning.

And there are a LOT of these people.

These people don't like DeSantis either because he used to support Trump, but they don't HATE him like they hate Trump.  I think some of this is because Trump has turned on DeSantis and they figure that if Trump doesn't like him he must not be all bad.

If Trump gets the nomination these people will become so fired up and will vote in such massive numbers, and donate massive amounts of money fighting Trump that I don't see any way he can win.  I will support him any way, but it won't be with the conviction that he can win.

I believe DeSantis will be nearly as good as Trump, but I don't think DeSantis will arouse near the hostility and resistance that Trump will.

To steal a colloquialism,  "Hell hath no fury like a woke liberal LGBTQXYZ scorned".

For those of you calling for a civil war, let Trump win the Presidency and you will get your wish.      (520 days as of June 2, 2023).

  First off, this thread is about Vivek Ramaswamy.   But you've managed to hijack it with yet another diatribe.   

  We get it, you hate Trump.  Fine, that's your choice.  And you have the freedom to support and vote for whoever you please.  Knock yourself out.

 The rest of your diatribe is right out of the MSM, and is laughable.

  If RDS can get the nomination, he will get the same wrath of the radicals that Trump keeps getting.  What you fail to understand with the democrat communist now in control it's all about power.   They have finally achieved something they have spent decades working for, and in their mind no way in hell are they giving it back.

  Run Trump, RDS, or anyone else, and they are all going to get the same treatment by big tech and the MSM.   You could run Jesus as a republican and he would be smeared at every turn.

 The only reason it hasn't been ratcheted up on RDS yet is his campaign is floundering, so the energy is being directed at the front runner.  It's called focus.  Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals", number 13 "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

 Whoever the front runner is will be the target.

  The cheating is real.  They will not relax on cheating no matter who the front runner is.  If anything, they are planning even more aggressive tactics.  Again, it's all about power, not who the opposition is running.

Spin Zone / Re: Biden trips again
« on: June 02, 2023, 02:16:51 PM »
That’s why I’m not running for POTUS.

But if I did, lucifer would be my campaign manager.

You would win in a landslide.

An unverified file from an unknown source.  Oh the incredible suspense!

Actually, Comer questioned Wray about the file, in which Wray wouldn’t acknowledge it existed.  Then Comer started giving him information found in the file, and only then did Wray acknowledge it existed, but nothing of quality. 

 Comer then began pointing out details from the file which are verifiable. That’s when Wray had to finally admit to it. 

 Wray was trying to lie to protect FJB and got caught. 

Spin Zone / Re: The Debt Ceiling
« on: June 02, 2023, 06:04:50 AM »
Just notice that this only becomes issue when there's a GOP lead Congress and a Democratic POTUS.

See you are up bright and early getting your CNN/MSNBC talking points.    ::)

How about the 18 times under Ronald Reagan?  Or the seven times under GWB?

Does your university even have a library??

Spin Zone / Re: Trump v DeSantis 2024
« on: June 02, 2023, 05:54:16 AM »
The RNC was on its last leg in 2016 when they thought everyone wanted Jeb!, yet another Bush.   

Trump expanded the party to a level never seen, and invited many in.  His “what have you got to lose” in telling minorities after years of democrat abuse brought even more in. 

Of course the RNC wanted the voters, but in their true to form ideology they expected these new voters to go Jeb! and toss Trump aside. 

Spin Zone / Re: Trump v DeSantis 2024
« on: June 02, 2023, 05:26:47 AM »
The goals of the UniParty are very similar, just different methodology.

Spin Zone / Re: The Debt Ceiling
« on: June 02, 2023, 03:39:55 AM »
Yep, it's such a great deal for the republicans it had to get majority democrats to pass it.   :o

Spin Zone / Re: Trump v DeSantis 2024
« on: June 02, 2023, 03:37:44 AM »
Grow the fuck up.  Paul Ryan was good when he was the budget chairman, but I publicly disavowed him in 2016. And yes, I campaigned for Ted Cruz, and Cruz won Wisconsin.  So the fuck what?  Liking someone other than Trump sure gives you some major butt-hurt.  Yea, you're a sycophant.  You think I'm controlled by the establishment, but you aren't controlled by Trump.  Got it.  You think you're the only independent thinker in this group, which makes you the delusional one.

  Go back a few post and read the article I posted from The Conservative Tree House.   It sums up where the republican party is going and what they are doing.   

 This one quote is telling

The RNC Club wants, as billionaire donor Ken Griffin explained from his discussions with Ronna McDaniel, Ron DeSantis and Kevin McCarthy, to remove the populist elements within the Republican Party, vis-a-vis MAGA, and realign with the multinational corporations on Wall Street.  “He wants to improve the diversity of the GOP and blunt the vein of populism that has complicated the party’s relationship with the corporate world — two things he’s consulted with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy about.”

Spin Zone / Re: Trump v DeSantis 2024
« on: June 02, 2023, 03:34:30 AM »
It will never happen both Democrats and Republicans are for all that spending.

  Sad but true.

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