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Spin Zone / Re: Another reason to boycott baseball.
« on: Today at 12:19:33 PM »
There is no way to prove knowledge of unexpressed thoughts... unless you can somehow read minds.

Think it through (no pun)

CORRECT. But that's not going to stop powers that be from claiming to know your thoughts. They're doing it already with red flag laws, civil asset forfeiture, to name just two examples.

Spin Zone / All Bob's Money
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Spin Zone / Re: This is getting a little scary
« on: Today at 11:23:09 AM »
The problem with influenza is the virus has multiple chromosomes, so if strains intermix they can swap and come out different.  That's why it can come back year after year.  SARS was a coronavirus, and while it did wreak havoc, it disappeared fairly rapidly.  I suspect that the new coronavirus making the rounds in China will fare similarly.

I'm reading conflicting reports on this coronavirus.  Some say it's as deadly as the Spanish Influenza that killed more people that WWI, but others that say the mortality is limited and it kills mostly the old and infirm (Spanish flu killed young people).

It still doesn't sound as bad as influenza.  Most people who think they've had influenza haven't, they had a nasty rhinovirus or something.  There is no such thing as 24-hour influenza.  If you get the flu you will either think you're going to die or actively want to die.  Flu kills lots and lots of people every year.  Mrs. Steingar had it last year, I didn't have to hospitalize her but she wasn't right again for 3 weeks.

I really do hope the Chinese can get past this.  I don't wish this sort of viral disease on anyone.

Agree! I got the actual flu (lab confirmed) a couple of years ago and came close to going to the ER one night for thinking I was going to die. But I was too sick to care to wake up my husband and just thought if I die here in bed tonight so be it. I was sick for three weeks too.

I like that it doesn’t kill the young like the Spanish flu. But what’s bothersome is the long incubation period. I’m thinking that might make it harder to contain. Do you know how that compares to SARS?

Spin Zone / Re: This is getting a little scary
« on: Today at 10:28:06 AM »
Well shit, I should of expected that getting my information from a government agency

LOL!  I hear ya.

Spin Zone / Re: Proposal to change Idaho’s borders
« on: Today at 09:50:42 AM »
And the disdain of the urban "elites" for anyone outside their bubble is clear.  Just listen to Bloomberg: "You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn. You could learn that.”  They are sooooo much better than the rest of us because they don't get their hands dirty.

That's the elites... but what about the service workers in cities?  How do they see the rural folk?  I suspect it's much the same.

Exactly.  As for the service workers, these are the ones I'm hanging my hopes on. Just like Trump told the blacks, "What have you got to lose?"  I'm banking on them having voted Dem reflexively and not really having thought for themselves.  But it's going to be a uphill climb because they're all going to public indoctrination centers (schools) these days. And watching a slanted mainstream media.

But in their defense, I have been rethinking my own journey, and realizing that I may have started out more liberal than I remember.  I was never a leftist on the subject of economics... always free market capitalism. But in my youth, I grew up in the big city, and held many liberal viewpoints. I was against the Vietnam War (never hated on our soldiers though), for gay rights, for women's rights in the first or second wave sense, not the man-hating feminazi sense of these days, I was pro drug legalization, I was pro Civil Rights, and for taking care of the homeless. The only really conservative social viewpoint I had was being against abortion.

When I go back and watch videos of influencers from back then, I find myself relating much more to the liberals of the 70s and 80s than the hard left liberals of today, who have become simply thugs, and I even related more to them than to the Republicans of the time, ie: Jesse Helms (although he became a personal friend much later on, I didn't like his ilk at first. But part of that is that he transformed, lost some of his racist rhetoric and actually embraced finding a cure for AIDS after bashing gays earlier on. He was never actually a racist and had many black supporters all along, but speech was not very PC in those days).

So my point is... the Democrats in the city today may have come from those same roots, and simply unlike me, never left the Democrat mindset.  I personally was never an actual total Democrat especially fiscally because I was introduced to Libertarianism very early, and landed there, and stayed there, but quickly started voting Republican most of the time because I recognized that economic freedom must come before social freedoms or all is moot, and Constitutional protections trump everything.

But no one ever brainwashed me into leftist economics, back in my primary school days it had not yet infected the schools, and when I got my BA in economics I had a healthy confusion about the Keynesian aspects they kept trying to teach me. Besides, I was eating up Heinlein and Ayn Rand novels in my spare time, and hanging out with a few intense gay libertarians. The socialist/communist/Marxist sort of ideals (economic collectivism) never took hold in me, but, alas, I fear they have in city dwellers of today. 

So the service workers, youth, poor and middle class in urban areas today?... I don't know... but I'm sure they must or we will face economic totalitarianism... or war, or both, soon.

Spin Zone / Re: Another reason to boycott baseball.
« on: Today at 09:06:37 AM »
Instantly accessible and easily misinterpreted.  How many times have people said something that was misunderstood because the listener didn't have the complete context?

Actually, it's not really a permanent record of your thoughts, only the extent to which the thoughts have been expressed.

True, but combined with all your purchases, hobbies, and entertainment history, no doubt somebody is developing profiling predictions to nail your unexpressed thoughts through sheer statistical data analysis.

Spin Zone / Re: This is getting a little scary
« on: Today at 08:58:09 AM »
The CDC estimates that as many as 56,000 people die from the flu or flu-like illness each year.

Coronavirus Death 1,875

The CDC is full of shit.  You are right that number includes "flu-like illness" but that has nothing whatsoever to do with influenza. Actual flu death in the US is FAR fewer than 56,000.

Spin Zone / Re: This is getting a little scary
« on: Today at 08:53:20 AM »
My students have never heard of Jimmy Hoffa.  I think the media hype about Corona is highly overblown.  China has a billion people.  A couple thousand dying is nothing to them.  Most of their response is simply pablum for public consumption.  They'll be back to business as normal soon enough.

I hope to God you're right.

Maybe you know the answer to this question: is it true that we don't develop immunity to this virus?  I heard that somewhere but they were making it sound like we can't develop immunity to this specific virus, but maybe they were talking about it mutating, and not being immune to the new mutant version.  If the former is the case, why?  Is this such a new type that homo sapiens sapiens can't deal with it?  If the latter, does it mutate faster than any other flu virus?

Spin Zone / Re: Another reason to boycott baseball.
« on: Today at 08:34:23 AM »
I disapprove of them excluding him but some of those tweets are a bit injudicious. The unfortunate truth is that these days writing on social media sets your every thought into hard concrete, and can and will be used against you.  Edward Snowden warned about this (and he wasn’t just talking about the NSA) about the difference between a verbal conversation and social media, and how the former evaporates for the most part, but the latter essentially amounts to not just mind-reading, but making a permanent record of your thoughts. Unfortunately we can no longer treat social media like the local coffee house or bar anymore, and speak our mind without considering the consequences of it not only being recorded, but being instantly accessible to everyone on the entire planet.

Spin Zone / Re: Proposal to change Idaho’s borders
« on: Today at 08:21:11 AM »
The Founding Fathers either did not foresee this issue, or did not think it was their place to tell States how to structure their governments.  We now are faced with the tyranny of the Metro Area population centers over the other, less populated counties in each state.  It's not just Oregon with is craziness from Portland and Eugene, it is all states with Metro areas big enough to over shadow everyone else.

This is the largest problem facing the country as all Metros (cites, suburbs, ex-burbs) are now all Democrat and believe the a collectivist, Big Government, controlling mindset. 

Look at Virginia recently.  They just narrowly escaped (postponed) a ban and confiscation of legally owned firearms by ONE PARTY RULE.

THIS!!  This is our whole problem in a nutshell. In 1776 you didn’t have 2% of the population feeding 98% and relentless movement into cities.  You had a large portion of citizens in small towns and rural areas. It wasn’t as unbalanced as it is now.

Back then only the upper classes were disconnected from having to feed themselves and survive. Today, everyone living in cities, rich or poor, are disconnected from how to grow food. Probably more than anything that defines liberal urban “feed me” culture from conservative rural self sufficiency, and the ideologies follow directly therefrom.

It’s a terrible dangerous trend this growing imbalance and if the city liberals don’t wake up and see themselves as promoting communist dystopia - and I’m talking about the poor and middle class - this county is over. The rich liberal elite will never “wake up” because their agenda isn’t the same as the rest of us, it’s to hold onto power and money at all cost. They can buy their own protection and liberty (fly jets all around) unlike the rest of us, and so they impose their utopian control freak schemes on the great unwashed, because they will never live by their own rules.

Spin Zone / Re: Proposal to change Idaho’s borders
« on: Today at 01:43:55 AM »

The whole reason we have the electoral college.

  For years the "Will of the People" for Oregon & California has all but ignored those living in rural areas and concentrated on the large population centers.
     By increasing the rural area of Idaho, the state will have a much better balance between Rural and Urban giving the voters a balanced voice in what is happening in their state.
     Additionally, by reducing the rural areas in Oregon and, to a much smaller amount, California, this will free up state legislators to concentrate on the Urban areas and the ever increasing problems they face.

Speaking of which:

For presidential elections, there are 538 electoral votes in the country. For every 754,000 people that move from a blue state to a red state, Republicans gain one electoral vote, which is only 0.19% of 538. Since the population of the departing counties from Oregon is 856,121, Oregon would usually have one less electoral vote. The loss of electoral vote(s) would not take effect until the 2032 elections. During about half of the upcoming decades, California would have one less vote, if it allows the 355,192 people in northernmost California to become a part of Idaho. We regard this as insignificant compared to 538 votes.

I like it.

Spin Zone / Re: This is getting a little scary
« on: February 17, 2020, 06:31:13 PM »
My fave is the number of bone building drugs that we’re warned may increase risk of fracture.

Antidepressants and bone building drugs and statins are some of my pet peeves. The FDA approves these dangerous and ineffective drugs while withholding approval for lifesaving drugs. Or they will approve drugs that are effective but highly dangerous when there are completely safe known treatments that can’t be patented. Oral Lamisil comes to mind. For toenail fungus exactly as effective as topically applied vinegar but unlike vinegar can ruin your liver and also unlike vinegar makes the drug companies profit.

Spin Zone / Re: This is getting a little scary
« on: February 17, 2020, 06:22:11 PM »

Trump to the rescue yet again!

This is the problem:

hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost due to ever-increasing FDA clinical demands

The “ever increasing”. Government is always a runaway train. It can never just stop at good enough.

Spin Zone / Re: This is getting a little scary
« on: February 17, 2020, 06:14:30 PM »
It's my understanding that the listed potential side effects are all the side effects reported during trials, not just those that could actually be caused by the drug.  One consequence is that the side effects could include both constipation and diarrhea.

This is one of the huge problems with the current system. The requirement to list all side effects reported regardless of whether the drug caused them results in the list being meaningless.

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