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Spin Zone / Re: RGB is Dead
« on: Today at 04:46:09 AM »
hmmm, what part of the US Constitution discusses how the Presidents roles and responsibilities are constrained by waiting for the next election?

That would be the gospel according to George Sonos.

That is most likely where we are going if the Far Left Radicals, whom are now the mainstream Democrat Party, win the Presidency and Congress.

They can't win.
The country has to be stolen.
And they are trying with Everything they have.

Spin Zone / Re: RGB is Dead
« on: September 18, 2020, 07:03:06 PM »
That lady put up one hell of a fight.
Not a good way to die.
Hope she found peace.

Spin Zone / Re: What really is known about COVID19?
« on: September 17, 2020, 11:00:27 AM »
The POTUS has acknowledged that he downplayed the scope of what he was briefed about COVID19, treating all of us like emotional children.

Suppose it is Bio-Terrorism, then I’d think assigning it as a National Security issue and marking the information CLASSIFIED might be appropriate. In other cases and because of the scope, is it no longer in the realm of non-releasable and should be declassified?

Just spiff-balling here.

IIRC, the president made a statement (derided by every communist - I mean democrat - on capitol hill, saying he was changing how certain briefings were being done as the information was being leaked by communists (they call themselves democrats - what a laugh) so fast the briefings were virtual news conferences.

Maintaining secrecy while working quietly is impossible with the communist (democrat) party doing everything in their power to destroy America to regain the power of the white house.

I feel really badly for us as a nation.

...due to the rank political agenda of the educational (communist) community.

Spin Zone / Re: Will Scott Adams get in trouble?
« on: September 17, 2020, 06:02:24 AM »
If math and national parks are racist, why shouldn't everything else be?
The rules are made up by lazy, good for nothing, assholes.
They have no intention of producing anything, so they hate those who do and because production equals success, success and successful ventures are racist... unless they are funded by george soros, that is.

How many manuscripts has this "famous scientist" published in international (read "English") journals? I'll wager not even one.  And before you tell me she's published in Chinese journals out the wazoo, you should know the bar for doing that is way, way lower than for International journals.  My old boss at the NIH published hugely, our lab was one of the most productive there.  HE moved back to China and hasn't published in international journals since. 

I have no respect whatsoever for a scientist that evades peer review and publishes in the media.  I can't blame you guys for falling for it, you don't have the technical training to know better and aren't supposed to.  No one can be an expert on anything, except maybe Bob Noel in his own head.  That's why there are guys like me, to look over the data and make certain it's ship shape.  To make certain that the conclusions are supported by the data, and aren't overstated.  Like I said, had she submitted her work to Science, Nature, the Journal of Virology, PLOS Genetics or a number of other journals, I've give it quite a bit of creedance.  Instead she appears on Tucker Carlson.  What the fuck ever.

So... you and your clown show of esteemed colleagues that want people to believe that riots, arson, vicious assault, murder, mayhem, and looting come with ZERO risk of catching the wuhan chinese virus, but going to church, shopping at the local hardware store, having the entire economy stopped (except for certain favored conglomerates and liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries and blaack lives matter riots), are all credible, just because lying, assholes like you and your kind said so?

Sorry sad sack. You lose.

So this "unknown Chinese person"..........

Li-Meng Yan MD, PhD
The University of Hong Kong

Dr. Yan received her MD degree from XiangYa Medical College of Central South University (China), and PhD from Southern Medical University (China).  Her research interests include investigations of infectious diseases or inflammation via different animal models.  Her research has recently focused on study of universal influenza vaccine, cross-reactive antibodies and cellular immunology.

She had worked at Hong Kong University’s public health laboratory sciences division, a World Health Organization infectious diseases research centre.

 So this highly educated Dr. that you are deriding is just an "unknown".......

 And this is coming from an unknown PhD that has no accomplishments to his name that's never seen the outside of a classroom.  ::)

Kind of like the world's greatest expert on the wuhan virus that hasn't examined a patient in decades and decades and decades. I can see why the peresser would worship one and attack the other.


What does Tucker Carlson have to do with this? A Chinese scientist came on his show and stated that China unleashed this on purpose. Can you prove her wrong?

That is NOT the point.
the pathetic perfessor is genuflecting before his communist maters.
THAT is the point.

I don't know why I bother.  I really don't. 

I don't either....

The professor already weighed on theaters over on the PB. I spoke about how people are not going back to the theaters and worried about their survival, the professor said f them, don't care if they survive.

Yep. But you didn't mention President Trump, or Trump Appointed adjudged, which would set his silliness off like a Roman candle.

Spin Zone / Re: POA MC Job
« on: September 15, 2020, 11:32:40 AM »
What a circle jerk.

I suggest Lucifer and Number 7 apply for the job. I would pay big money to watch the self immolation of POA.

Hey! I resemble that remark! 😇

Cue the pefesser and his rant on evil Trump judges.

Spin Zone / Re: State and Local Elections
« on: September 14, 2020, 11:09:01 AM »
If you want to empty the chamber, just drag a dollar bill ....

I understand that Nolan Ryan once threw a dollar bill so fast that he snuck it past a congressman.

Spin Zone / Re: Joke Thread: Post 'em if ya got 'em
« on: September 10, 2020, 01:43:37 PM »
I had no idea the nfl was still around.
They might as well not be for all I care.

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