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Spin Zone / Hunter's Laptop files
« on: June 01, 2023, 02:03:17 PM »
Here ya go

 It's crashing a lot due to overloaded servers.

  You will see what FJB describes as "The smartest man I know"

Spin Zone / 3 years ago in DC
« on: June 01, 2023, 08:21:43 AM »
Just in case anyone forgot, this was three years ago when ANTIFA and BLM were rioting, looting and burning Washington DC.

I'm sure the state run media will be running 24/7 coverage and detailing all the arrest and convictions.

Don't be surprised to see Grassley and or Comer come under state or federal investigation, or even indicted.

fter a confidential human source claimed then-Vice President Joe Biden agreed to accept money from a foreign national to affect policy decisions, FBI agents used what’s called an FD-1023 form to record the allegation. Now FBI Director Christopher Wray is defying a May 3 congressional subpoena to provide this form. On Tuesday, in response to Wray’s refusal to hand over the documents, Oversight and Accountability Committee Chair James Comer announced the House will move to hold the FBI director in contempt of Congress.

It isn’t that announcement — or even the other explosive ones released over the past year by Comer’s Senate colleague, Chuck Grassley — that prove the most telling, however. Rather, it is the combination of all the details, big and small, that suggests the scandal set to unfold over the coming weeks will be bigger than anyone imagined.

The Dirt Is in the Details
Take recent big news from whistleblower disclosures revealing that the Justice Department and the FBI have the unclassified FD-1023 form spelling out Biden’s alleged criminal behavior. Then combine that with other known information to discover the bigger picture.

For instance, in response to Wray’s failure to comply with the subpoena, Grassley, who had previously noted the FD-1023 form was five or six pages long, indicated that the confidential human source (CHS) was “an apparent trusted FBI source.” This is huge because Grassley wouldn’t make that claim unless the whistleblower had. That means the source is not some random guy walking in off the street, but rather an existing “trusted” CHS, which is why the FBI used the FD-1023 form.

In response to Wray’s stonewalling, Comer likewise revealed some significant details, clarifying late last week that the CHS reporting document was dated June 30, 2020, and referenced “the amount of money the foreign national allegedly paid to receive the desired policy outcome” as “five million.” These details could only have come from a whistleblower with deep knowledge of the investigation, meaning the whistleblower’s characterization of the CHS as “trusted” carries more weight. Likewise, the whistleblower’s claim that the FD-1023 “includes a precise description of how the alleged criminal scheme was employed as well as its purpose,” is more credible given the whistleblower’s knowledge of other details.

Comer’s reference to “five million” is also intriguing. In a letter to Wray, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, Grassley had previously revealed a promise by a Chinese communist government-connected enterprise to funnel $5 million to “Hunter and James Biden to compensate them for work done while Joe Biden was vice president.” Records released by Grassley and Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., also confirmed a $5 million payment to James and Hunter Biden from another Chinese-connected business.

The date of the FD-1023 form, June 30, 2020, also proves significant when read in conjunction with Grassley’s letter to Wray in July 2022. In that letter, Grassley said the whistleblower had claimed that “the FBI developed information in 2020 about Hunter Biden’s criminal financial and related activity,” but “that in August 2020, FBI Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Brian Auten opened an assessment which was used by a FBI Headquarters (‘FBI HQ’) team to improperly discredit negative Hunter Biden information as disinformation and caused investigative activity to cease.”

The whistleblower further alleged that in September 2020, the FBI HQ team that handled the Auten assessment, after concluding the reporting was disinformation, placed the information in a restricted access sub-file that only the particular agents who uncovered the CHS’s information could access.

Several points merit mention here: First, Auten is the same agent responsible for some of the shenanigans in Crossfire Hurricane. Second, Grassley’s letter indicates Auten did not open the “assessment” on Hunter Biden or other members of the Biden family. The senator’s correspondence actually suggests the assessment may have been opened on the CHS.

Here’s the relevant language:

The basis for how the FBI HQ team selected the specific information for inclusion in Auten’s assessment is unknown, but in more than one instance the focus of the FBI HQ team’s attention involved derogatory information about Hunter Biden.

The whistleblower also reportedly told Grassley that FBI HQ later closed sources after branding their info as disinformation. Given the timing of the assessment (August 2020) and the date of the CHS report (June 2020), it seems likely the FBI used the CHS report as part of the “assessment” and that the “assessment” was of the CHS.

This leads to the next significant point: According to the whistleblower, Auten’s assessment led to the “improper discrediting” of the verified and verifiable derogatory information about Hunter Biden. Worse, based on several hints dropped by Grassley over the last year, FBI headquarters conducted little to no investigation on the CHS and other derogatory info before labeling it “disinformation.”

The timing of the CHS report in June 2020 also proves conveniently coincidental to the decision by Democrat Sens. Chuck Schumer and Mark Warner, then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Rep. Adam Schiff to send a letter just two weeks later, on July 13, 2020, to the FBI claiming Congress was being subjected to a foreign disinformation campaign. On July 16, 2020, the then-ranking members of two congressional committees asked the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force — the same one that handled the “assessment” that branded the Hunter Biden intel as disinformation — to give the committees a defensive briefing. News of that “Russian disinformation” briefing soon leaked to the press.

What About a Recording?
Grassley’s correspondence and statements over the last year hint at one more possibility: The FBI had at least one recording that implicated members of the Biden family in a criminal enterprise and buried that evidence.

Specifically, in one letter to the bureau, Grassley said other FBI records “shed light on Hunter Biden’s business and financial relationship with Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky,” and those “documents include specific details about conversations by non-government individuals relevant to potential criminal conduct by Hunter Biden.” Grassley had previously requested interview summary forms that referenced Zlochevsky, and in seeking FBI records, the senator’s letter made clear that “records” included “recorded or graphic material,” including “recordings of verbal communications.”

This possibility fits with the whistleblower’s description of “an avenue of additional derogatory Hunter Biden reporting” that FBI HQ shut down in October 2020 “in furtherance of Mr. Auten’s assessment,” even though, according to the whistleblower, the intel could have been verified by use of search warrants.

A follow-up question Grassley asked Wray further suggests the possibility of recorded conversations implicating the Bidens: “Does the Justice Department have a specific policy regarding the use of materials and information related to U.S. citizens who reside in the United States provided by foreign governments, including the fruits of surveillance carried out by a foreign state’s intelligence service?”

Whether these possibilities pan out remains to be seen, but what should be clear to all now is that the whistleblower knows where the evidence is buried — and Grassley and Comer have brought their shovels.


“Racial justice.” This one is going to make your teeth hurt. And if you’re a business owner with employees, it might make your blood boil. Either way, if this is “racial justice,” this country will ultimately be screwed.

A newly-hired trainer at a high-end gym on New York City’s Upper East Side showed up late for work 47 times in just 10 months before she was fired for chronic lateness. The trainer then sued her now-former employer— which resulted in a judgment ordering the gym franchise to pay her $11.25 million in damages.

Here’s more, via The New York Times:

Between 2018 and 2019, Röbynn Europe, a former professional body builder, worked at an Equinox on the Upper East Side, where she managed personal trainers. … There was only one other Black student in her class. But still that had not prepared her for what she described as crass, unfiltered expressions of prejudice from male colleagues in an expensive gym, awash with the scent of eucalyptus oil if not the base notes of enlightenment.

Ms. Europe’s tenure at the club was short-lived; Equinox terminated her employment in less than a year because, the company said, she was late 47 times in the course of 10 months. Ms. Europe held a different view of her firing, believing that her lateness was merely a pretext for discrimination, and soon after she filed a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court, arguing that she had been subjected to a hostile work environment and eventually let go because of her race and gender.

Last week, a predominantly white jury of five women and three men agreed, delivering a verdict in little over an hour. The next day they awarded her $11.25 million in damages.

The swiftness of the jury’s decision and the size of the payout — $10 million in punitive damages and $1.25 million for the distress she suffered — follow a pattern similar to the verdict reached in the same courthouse just a few weeks before, in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation suit against Donald J. Trump.

In both instances, the process and outcome suggest the ways in which recent transformative social movements around race and gender might reframe the way that juries think about the long shadow of emotional disruption that bigotry or sexual violence can produce.

“Transformative social movements around race and gender.” Translation: Blatant discrimination in favor of people of color, non-conservative women, and the LGBTQ community. And, of course, that shining beacon of “All the News That’s Fit to Print” — the left-wing NYT — continues to champion every damn bit of it.

Ms. Europe told the writer of the article exactly what we’d expect her to say — and exactly what the writer wanted to be told because she no doubt believes the same tripe:
Racism and sexism — they are just pervasive in the fitness industry. In coastal cities, training is something you can do without a degree and you can make $75 an hour. There are not a lot of opportunities to do that, so it’s a big draw for people of color.
Note: Not one word of the above quote has a single iota to do with race or racism. So where’s the beef?

To its credit, Equinox Gyms didn’t do what spineless companies across America have done since the George Floyd riots when targeted with charges of racism — which would’ve been to fall on its sword, beg for forgiveness, profess to have seen the BLM light, and pathetically promise to stop its pretend “racist” practices. (See: Spineless NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for a perfect example.)
The company said in a statement it “vehemently disagreed” with the judgment, and stressed that it doesn’t “tolerate discrimination in any form.” In addition, Eqionox filed a motion asking the court to reconsider the case — either via a new trial or a reduction of the massive award amount.

Company’s lawyers maintained that the jurors, “guided by sympathy and emotion,” had “erroneously” bought into the plaintiff’s claim that she was a victim of “racial animus,” and suffered “extreme, unconscionable damages,” as a result.
Amazing — but not.

Imagine showing up for a new job late — 47 times in just 10 months. Would your employer be justified in firing you? Or, as a business owner with employees, would you be justified in firing a compulsively late employee — a new employee, at that? The answer in both scenarios is a resounding YES.
Oh, wait— “racial justice.” Never mind.

Has it occurred to you that this case is not dissimilar to lowering or eliminating requirements for high school graduation? Me, too. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown in 2021 ordered the complete elimination of math, reading, and writing minimum proficiency standards for high school graduation. Were any students afforded educational justice by reducing their ability to compete on a collegiate level? Again, nada.

The Bottom Line

These are real questions, here, none of which can be properly addressed by what we used to call “the soft bigotry of low expectations” — which ultimately hurts those it claims to help.
And the really ugly non-secret secret? Democrat lawmakers know everything I wrote is true, yet they don’t give a damn. Why? (See: ballot boxes.)

And the “racial justice” band plays on.

Spin Zone / Thermidor Reaction in Jacobin America
« on: May 27, 2023, 07:28:00 AM »
“What anarchy we live in when the richest among us are the most radical and wish to destroy for all others what they enjoy.” ~ VDH

Reaction in Jacobin America

A counterrevolution is building, not just because
people are angry at what has become of their country,
but because they now are learning that if they do nothing,
they will have no country—and soon.

By: Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness
May 8, 2023
The decade-long French Revolution that broke out in 1789 soon devolved into far more than removing the monarchy, as it became antithetical to the earlier American precedent. American notions of liberty and freedom were seen as far too narrow, given the state, if only all-powerful and all-wise, could mandate “equality” and force “fraternity” among its subjects.
Each cycle of French revolutionary fervor soon became more radicalized and cannibalistic—until it reached its logical ends of violent absurdity.
Originally, the idea of curbing the power of a Bourbon king through a parliamentary republic became lethally counter-revolutionary.
Soon even attacks on the Catholic Church and the abolition of the monarchy entirely were deemed insufficient. The king himself and his consorts had to be beheaded. Monasteries and churches were to be ransacked, and priests exiled or lynched.
The sometimes moderate Girondins, who favored constitutional government, were mostly executed by their former friends among the Montagnards. In turn, the latter were soon deemed too conservative for the emerging crazy Jacobins. So they, too, had to be decapitated. The ensuing year-long reign of terror guillotined thousands of innocents, deemed guilty of being guilty of something.
By 1793, the revolution had turned nihilist and suicidal. The foundational date of France was recalibrated (not as 1619 but) as 1789—or “year one.”
Jacobins sought to wipe out religion, both materially and spiritually. They replaced God, first, with the atheistic “Cult of Reason” and then a stranger still “Cult of the Supreme Being”—a dreamed-up, living, humanistic god that only the murderous Robespierre could fully envision, but eerily similar to our own Green New Deal deity.
The months of the year themselves were renamed and days of the week were renumbered and relabeled. Statues were toppled, first at night, later in shameless daylight. Place names were erased and renamed. The original revolutionary heroes were not to be mentioned; their uncouth successors were deified. Money was printed to “spread the wealth”—until it was worthless.
Murderous cancel culture ran unchecked. Yesterday’s French revolutionary became today’s counterrevolutionary—and tomorrow’s decapitated.
Almost everyone who originally had opposed the absolute monarchy, and, like the Americans, wished for a constitutional replacement, was eventually executed by revolutionaries who were then executed by more radical revolutionaries. The longer and more radical the revolution ran, the meaner, dumber, and more deadly the revolutionaries who emerged from the woodwork.
Finally, what could not go on, did not go on, as French society unraveled. Then the so-called Thermidors put an end to the madness of the Robespierre brothers and their sidekick, the 26-year-old Saint-Just, and did to them what they had done to thousands.
The final revolutionary correction saw a Directory, then a Consulate, and finally the dictator Napoleon—the self-described emperor who claimed he was the final absolutist manifestation of the “Revolution.”
A Revolution of the Disingenuous
We are swept up in similarly scary revolutionary times, after the perfect storm of the 2020 rioting, the COVID destructive lockdowns, and a radical socialist takeover of the old Democratic Party.
Decades of successful and legitimate efforts to ensure equality of opportunity, a safety net for the poor, and increased civil liberties have transmogrified into an “equity” agenda, or state-mandated equality of result—or else!
“Diversity” is now an Orwellian word for racial essentialism to the one-drop degree. Jim Crow racism was not eliminated permanently. It now has resurfaced as woke or “good” segregation. Racially separate facilities and events are apparent “reparatory justice.” Black activists are calling for $800 billion in reparations from San Francisco, a city that is melting down as we speak.
The old pre-civilizational tribalism and monotony of thought are now deemed “diverse.” “Inclusion” means replacing one racial hierarchy of the 1950s with a newer one of the 2020s. Woke leftists prove “inclusive” by excluding as “haters” and “denialists” any who disagree and cannot be easily refuted.
Opportunists Abound
The Nike admen Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James ended up with millions of dollars in endorsements ultimately derived from Communist Chinese exploiters of servile labor—a fact that all their pseudo-revolutionary performance art cannot mask.
Like the rich and elite Montagnards and Jacobins, well-off, degreed suburban grifters suddenly became “woke” arbiters of the “correct.”Thousands of diversity, equity, and inclusion czars bloated administrations, broke university budgets, and terrified faculty and employees with their panopticon surveillance. And yet did any of them result in a single better student reader, or at least one more accomplished university math major? Have K-12 scores soared with DEI monitors on hand?
We have not yet descended to the guillotine, but we are getting there with online cancel culture, doxxing, de-platforming, boycotts, mandatory diversity statements, indoctrination training, ostracism for an incorrect word, and violence redefined as activism.
Black Lives Matter ended when its supposedly Marxist architects all vanished into comfortable bourgeoise estates and cushy retirements—along with the millions of dollars they shook down from guilt-ridden corporations.
#MeToo sputtered out once the mantra of “believe women” turned its attention to candidate Joe Biden and Tara Reade. It turned out that she most certainly must not be believed when she swore the Delaware Democrat had sexually assaulted her.
Supposed transgendered heroes vie for profitable TV endorsement commercials that are as lucrative to them as they are ruinous to their employers.
In our revolutionary times, mediocre biological male athletes “transition” into female sports and suddenly become rich and famous. Women who transition to males, for some reason, find no such profits from male competitions.
A black transient with 42 arrests and three assault convictions is accidentally killed by a would-be Samaritan bystander who takes action to stop his threats on the subway. The tragedy becomes a rallying cry for “activist” leaders, eager for continuous notoriety and profits, while 10,000 black people murdered per year, mostly by other black people, do not earn a snore from these same “civil rights” leaders.
The World Upside Down
Like Revolutionary France, our woke revolution was contrary to human nature and therefore had to be imposed by force or coercion.
Merit is the great enemy of wokeness. One day SAT tests were blind mechanisms to allow the less privileged to compete based on talent rather than parentage. The next day such tests were deemed counterrevolutionary, racist enemies of the people. Universities boast of rejecting 60-70 percent of those who scored perfect on SATs as if their excellence was proof of their “privilege.”
Jurisprudence was tarred as racist, as if laws against shoplifting, looting, smash-and-grab, car-jacking, and arson were created only by elite white men who never had the need to steal or loot and who therefore made silly, arbitrary laws against them.
Like the Jacobins, our woke elite deem prisons arbitrary detention centers. So thousands of those arrested for committing violent crimes have either never been charged, never convicted, never sentenced, or never incarcerated. These exemptions rest on the principle that the revolutionaries who destroyed the enforcement of law have the wherewithal to protect themselves from the dystopia they created.
Borders disappeared, apparently on grounds they were 19th-century racist relics. Yet sanctuary cities prove the least welcoming of the tens of thousands they all but invited into distant other towns and counties.
The homeless were no longer deemed vagrants, or selfish in their take-over of public spaces, but the victims of an oppressive society.
So public defecation, urination, fornication, and injection were rebranded as mere lifestyle choices of the unfortunate, not to be judged wrong or unlawful by the victimizers who supposedly made thousands homeless. Ancient laws of hygiene and municipal cleanliness were thrown out as bourgeois, as cities reverted to the protocols of their medieval forebears.
Leftists who created these Frankenstein-like monsters, like the fictive Dr. Frankenstein himself, became targets of their own experiments. It was no longer enough to support civil rights for the transgendered. Suddenly any questioning of the wisdom of biologically born males competing in women’s sports or of teenagers with penises undressing among teenage girls in locker rooms, or of state-sponsored drag-queen shows with children in attendance condemned one as transphobic and worse.
Advocating for a secure border and strictly legal immigration was proof of nativism. Equal opportunity for all races was racism. Advocacy for the use of natural gas as a needed transitional fuel indicted one as a climate “denialist.”
As our woke version of the Jacobin revolution accelerated, society itself began to unwind—as expected given America relied on meritocracy, free expression of dissent, the rule of law, forbearance, and tolerance.
In less than three years, our major cities became filthy to the point of unhealthiness. Violent crime and thievery drove businesses and commuters away. Subways at night became the domain of the homeless and criminals. Vacancy rates in San Francisco or downtown Portland shot up to 25 percent or more. Millions began leaving Jacobin blue cities and states and headed for sanctuaries in more suburban and rural red states.
Once-trusted and familiar government agencies became weaponized—and inevitably incompetent. The FBI was not interested in the organizers of 120 days of violent looting, arson, murder, and rioting in summer 2020, or the threatening mobs who showed up at the homes of Supreme Court Justices. Instead, it fixated on parents at school board meetings, Latin Mass Catholics, former Trump Administration officials, and anyone daring to question the Russian collusion or Russian disinformation laptop hoaxes.
The Pentagon brass oversaw a flight from Afghanistan, in the greatest military humiliation in modern American history. Yet at the same time, it focused on rooting out white rage and white privilege despite presenting no data to substantiate its accusations. Former intelligence officers and “authorities” misled the country and warped an election, to ensure Americans did not take seriously the incriminating evidence in Hunter Biden’s laptop of the Biden family’s widespread corruption.
So, the world became topsy-turvy. Throwing a firebomb into a police-occupied patrol car earned a light sentence while protesting illegally at the Capitol won a decade in prison.
An American who did not get vaccinated was to be thrown out of the U.S. military; an illegal alien crossing the border unlawfully without a vaccination might earn a free phone and free lodging in a big-city hotel.
The more the government printed money it did not have, the more the country was slandered as cruel and mean to its underclass. The more standards were dropped for admission, hiring, promotion, and retention, the more employers were deemed unfair and bigoted.
As the American Jacobin phase accelerated, the more it, too, seemed to pursue its own destruction. Few now trust that the graduates of the Ivy League and marquee universities know what they once did. And why not, when students are admitted without test scores but are assured passing grades, watered-down classes, and graduation to be synonymous with admission?
The U.S. military fell short by thousands of recruits. And why not, when it advertised for manpower with invitations from drag queens, and hounded those as racists who had died at twice their numbers in the population in Afghanistan and Iraq?
A Counterrevolution Is Coming
At peak woke, our reign of terror is beginning to lose momentum because its continuation would erode all the work of 247 years of American progress and sacrifice.
Former and current liberals—Elon Musk, Bill Maher, Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss, Glen Greenwald, Naomi Wolf, or Richard Dreyfuss—are deemed counterrevolutionaries for questioning the excesses of wokeism, and so began questioning the premises of wokeism itself.
New polls showed scant public support for open borders,  multiple sexual identities, or biological men competing in women’s sports. Reparations from an insolvent government to black Americans—on the principle that those whose ancestors might have been enslaved eight generations ago were owed money from those whose ancestors might have owned slaves eight generations ago—is widely rejected by the general population.
When corporations like Anheuser-Busch or Disney tried to ingratiate themselves to the woke Jacobins, they lost billions in revenue—just as the woke Pentagon has lost thousands of recruits.
Woke networks like CNN have smaller audiences than some one-person podcasts.
A desperate and woke NBA now brags that its recent playoff televised audience reached over 4 million viewers. A quarter-century ago, when the U.S. population was nearly 60 million smaller, the pre-Jacobin NBA won over 70 million viewers who watched the 1998 finals.
Joe Biden, the thin veneer of the woke revolution, polls below 40 percent. Even that favorability is propped up by the consensus that he has no idea where he is or what he is saying—and thus at least is deserving of 40 percent support for not being responsible for what he has empowered.
A counterrevolution is building, not just because people are angry at what has become of their country, but because they now are learning that if they do nothing, they will have no country—and soon.


President Joe Biden in December began working to replenish the 180 million barrels he sold last year from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Nearly six months later, he still has zero barrels to show for it.

Biden's Energy Department on Monday announced its intention to purchase up to three million reserve barrels as a "continuation" of the president's "replenishment strategy." So far, however, that "strategy" has seen the Democrat fail to purchase a single barrel of reserve oil. The administration first tried to purchase three million reserve barrels in December, when Biden kicked off his "plan to replenish the SPR." One month later, Biden's Energy Department revealed it had rejected all offers it received to purchase the oil because those offers "were either too expensive or didn't meet the required specifications."

Republicans have hammered Biden for his management of the reserves, which sit at their lowest levels in four decades after the Democrat last year sold 180 million reserve barrels in an attempt to lower gas prices ahead of a difficult midterm election. While Biden responded by pledging to "refill" the reserves with oil his administration would purchase this year, the Democrat has so far made no progress. If Biden's Energy Department does manage to fulfill its recently announced purchase plan, the oil would be delivered to the reserves in August, meaning Biden would have secured just three million reserve barrels in eight months. At that pace, it would take the Democrat 40 years to procure the 180 million barrels he sold.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, whose office did not return a request for comment, has confirmed that the administration will be unable to refill the reserve to the levels Biden inherited. "We will begin that process this year, but to refill the full amount is impossible," Granholm admitted in March. For Wyoming's John Barrasso, who serves as the top Republican on the Senate Energy Committee, that answer is unacceptable.

"Joe Biden treats the Strategic Petroleum Reserve like a political piggy bank instead of a critical piece of American energy security," Barrasso told the Washington Free Beacon. "He has no real plan to refill it. America has never been more vulnerable to a true energy emergency because of President Biden."

Facing the "impossible" task of refilling the reserve to its past levels—the stock held 638 million barrels of oil when Biden took office and now holds just 362 million—Biden's Energy Department is now channeling its replenishment efforts toward a more modest goal. The department in May touted its "significant progress toward replenishment," citing its role in canceling congressionally mandated sales that would have seen the department sell 140 million reserve barrels between 2024 and 2027. As a result, the department says, the reserve will be effectively replenished by 2027—not because the barrels Biden sold will have been bought back, but rather because the reserve will save barrels thanks to the canceled sales.

"This cancellation … will allow the SPR to have the same number of barrels in reserve by the end of FY 2027 that it would have had emergency barrels not been sold in 2022," the department said.

Oil prices sit at $72 a barrel, and the Biden administration hopes to purchase reserve oil at anywhere between $67 to $72 a barrel. Republicans tried to fill the reserve to its capacity in the spring of 2020—when a barrel of oil cost as low as $15—but Senate Democrats blocked the plan, attacking it as a "bailout for big oil."

Biden went on to sell a historic number of reserve barrels in 2022, when the average price for a gallon of gas exceeded $5 in the United States for the first time ever. Millions of those barrels were sent overseas—Biden even sold nearly one million U.S. reserve barrels to a Chinese state-controlled gas giant, the Free Beacon reported last year, a sale that came as America's top adversary scrambled to build up its own stockpile of oil.

The White House aggressively defended that sale, with spokesman Ian Sams accusing Republicans who criticized it of "lying" and "pushing false conspiracies about the president." In January, however, 113 House Democrats backed a GOP measure that barred the United States from selling its oil reserves to China.

Biden's lack of progress on filling the reserve will likely attract additional congressional scrutiny as Republicans express concern that the depleted stockpile hurts America's national security.

"Instead of creating pro-growth energy policies that would make the United States energy independent once again, President Biden has consistently raided the [Strategic Petroleum Reserve] to obtain his long-term Green New Deal climate agenda," Texas Republican congressman Wesley Hunt told the Free Beacon. "Russia and the Ukraine remain engaged in a deadly war while China is saber-rattling against Taiwan. Now is not the time for Joe Biden to be playing fast and loose with our nation's oil reserves."

Spin Zone / The Durham Report
« on: May 17, 2023, 06:45:49 AM »

  Well, it's out and it's ugly.

  Trump is totally exonerated from the Russia! Russia! hoax.  The FBI opened and ran an investigation based on no evidence and political lies, and at the base of that was Hillary Clinton herself.

  Millions upon millions of dollars, years of putting this country through hell and the state run media running with one lie on top of another lie.

 Pelosi "I have iron clad proof of Trump's involvement with the Russians" and Schiff "I have the evidence" was nothing but lies.

  Where are the indictments?   Where are the special counsels?

  State controlled media is doing everything they can to ignore this.

Spin Zone / The End of Title 42
« on: May 11, 2023, 12:24:10 PM »
This is incredible bullshit, not only from the FJB regime, but the UniParty of DC and the RINO governors and state legislatures.

  "There's nothing we can do when Title 42 ends tonight!"    Again, bullshit.   Start with the US Constitution, then go into the various laws on the books with regards to immigration and dealing with criminals trespassing into our country.

  How about putting the military on the border?  Perfectly legal.   How about states deploying the national guard to the border?   Again, perfectly legal.

  Stopping people from breaking our laws entering illegally?  Yep, it's legal to do.  Stop them at gun point and turn them back.   Guess what Mexico, it's YOUR problem, not ours.

  And to the Republican Party, FUCK YOU!   You gutless wonders are too cowardly to do your fucking job you were elected to.  Go ahead and pound your fist on the desk to get your sound bite for the news, but we all know after the cameras are off you are getting drinks with your democrat "colleagues".

Spin Zone / "I love my six grandchildren"
« on: April 30, 2023, 07:51:04 AM »
  So FJB was going on about his "six" grandchildren and how he adores them.

  Not one member of the press brought up" Mr. President, what about your grand daughter in Arkansas?"

  This child has been written out of the family to protect her sleazebag father.   Tells everyone, once again, just how sleazy the Bidens are.

Spin Zone / Steven Crowder
« on: April 28, 2023, 03:56:31 PM »
He's now under attack by the left.   Going through a divorce and they've loaded both barrels against him to get him cancelled.

Spin Zone / What is a Democrat?
« on: April 26, 2023, 05:34:41 PM »

April 26, 2023
What is a Democrat?
By Donald N. Finley

I am a Democrat, and I think you, as an average American, are an idiot.  You let me get away with everything.  I can tell you I’m going to do something unethical, criminal, unconstitutional, or unprecedent6ed, and you seldom try to stop me, or call me out on it.  I control the news cycle and my loyal press puppets repeat whatever I say without question.  Every time you get any attention complaining about me, I just do something else to distract and reset the news again.

I write most of the news by feeding the talking points to my puppets.  Haven’t you seen the video proof? I also rewrite history by simple repetition.  “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”  That’s what I do.  I lie big, loud, often and repeatedly to accuse you of any variety of unspeakable things, most of which I’m doing myself.  If you challenge me, I’ll ruin you.  I’ll make up a lie, then release the puppets.  Maybe I’ll make a call to your employer, or your local prosecutor’s office.  Either way, you’ll be too busy to bother me again.  Just ask Michael Flynn how it works.

Whenever I screw up, I just blame someone else, distribute the talking points, and let the puppets do the work.  I also take credit for great historical moments by claiming the follow-on accomplishments as my own, and I milk the good will your ignorance provides me.  Your ignorance is why I get credit for standing up for you, and protecting you from those who truly care, because I really don’t.  I opposed those great moments, and like Joe Biden, I’ve been wrong on everything that mattered.  I supported slavery, opposed civil rights, started the KKK, and administered Jim Crow’s segregation for 100 years.  And to this day, the majority of Black, Hispanic, and Asian voters will still vote for me.  Proof positive of two things -- I’m good at what I do, and you’re stupid to keep letting me do it.

I also have my minions, which you know as teachers, or professors.  They spent half of every waking day during your formative years indoctrinating you, making sure you would grow up learning and believing my lies.  They stripped you of most of your critical thinking skills.  They helped you pick your identity, and ensured you would pigeonhole yourself into an oppressed group, and thereby develop a hatred for your country and a deep resentment toward other groups.  I’ve planted the seeds for decades now for you to feel victimized by unrealized entitlements, and have a clear vector to those you find at fault.  By design, my minions haven’t taught you to succeed in life; they’ve taught you to hate, then sent you into real life short of tools and skills, but well-primed with a burning fuse.

Over those same decades, I built the infrastructure to disincentivize hard work, and create dependence on government and social welfare programs.  I love to create dependence.  I enable it, nurture it, and keep supporting it until it’s an addiction.

In addition to the addicts I’ve created, some of my best work has been with women.  Once proud housewives, mothers, and teachers, look at what I have them doing today.  They march in the streets chanting obscenities and declaring their right to kill their babies.  As teachers, they groom young children into alternative lifestyles by teaching gender is not a fact, but rather a choice.  They distort American history, turn the founders into little more than greedy slaveholders, and cast America as systemically evil, built as such by white, racist, intolerant men.

Women believe I’m all in for them.  After all, I’ve supported abortion for decades, and they’ve been a reliable voting bloc.  But I use them in ways they never think about.  When they vote for me because I support abortion, they also support my killing of women’s athletics.  It doesn’t matter that only .5% of the population is transgender, official U.S. policy is to allow biological men to compete against biological women.  Are women looking out for other women?  They must be focused on something else… just as they should be.  I plan to destroy all of women’s competitive sports, and I’ll do so with the help of women.

You just don’t get my hypocrisy.  I pretend to tell the truth when I spin my lies.  I tell you every day.  You don’t listen.  I talk about Republicans supporting policies that will destroy democracy. I preach about the lawlessness of January 6 insurrectionists while nearly every major Democrat-run city has skyrocketing crime, progressive district attorneys who won’t prosecute slam-dunk violent crimes, and no-bail policies that release offenders over and over again. 

And during the riots of 2020, not only did I not complain about Black Lives Matter or Antifa causing $2B in damages, I raised money to pay for their bail.  After the Covenant School shooting in Nashville by a transgender murderer, I virtually ignored the victims, who included three nine-year-old children, but I got three Tennessee House members who participated in the gun control protests that shut down the Tennessee House invited to the White House.  No parallels to January 6; nope, nothing to see there.  Oh, and I forgot to tell the President to call the victims’ families.

See the political trending I’ve put in place?  I’m dismantling American society at an ever-increasing rate.  It’s my crowning achievement.  They say with military recruits, you have to break them down to build them back up the way you need them to be.  That’s my plan for America.  I’m breaking it down now faster than ever.  Don’t see it?  The pandemic, election fraud, crime, inflation, failing banks, military incompetence and embarrassments one after another, millions of illegals flowing across an invisible border sowing societal chaos and exponentially increasing government dependence, kids graduating from high school unable to read or do basic math, and increased numbers of mass shootings to include more children. 

I tell you the latter is all about guns, as if guns alone do the shootings, and a shocking number of you buy into it.  I get you wound up and afraid because I need your guns.  I work hard to take away your Second Amendment right to bear arms.  I’m not talking about those arms that protect me, or the arms I’ll use against you after you no longer have any.  I’m only talking about those arms you use to protect yourselves.  In short order, I’ll get them, or I’ll make them impossible to use by regulating magazines and ammunition.  Via prosecuting hate speech I already nearly have your right to free speech.   

Caught on yet?  I don’t care about governing.  I don’t care about fixing, improving, building, growing, developing, or any other word related to progress, other than the word ‘progressive’.  I care about power, control, personal comfort, and money.  And none of those in any way includes you.


  Maybe FJB can get C&D censored for going against his narrative.   I'm sure the IRS and DoJ now will be targeting their staff.

A new paper published by SAE International uses Car and Driver's real-world highway test data to show that electric vehicles underperform on real-world efficiency and range relative to the EPA figures by a much greater margin than internal-combustion vehicles. While the latter typically meet or exceed the EPA-estimated highway fuel economy numbers, EVs tend to fall considerably short of the range number on the window sticker. The paper, written by Car and Driver's testing director, Dave VanderWerp, and Gregory Pannone, was presented this week at SAE International's annual WCX conference. It points to a need for revised testing and labeling standards for EVs moving forward.

"Basically we've taken a look at how vehicles perform relative to the values on the window sticker, looking at the difference between what the label says and what we actually see in our real-world highway test," explained VanderWerp. "We see a big difference in that gap between gas-powered vehicles and the performance of EVs. The real question is: When first-time customers are buying EVs, are they going to be pleasantly surprised or disappointed by the range?"

On Car and Driver's 75-mph highway test, more than 350 internal-combustion vehicles averaged 4.0 percent better fuel economy than what was stated on their labels. But the average range for an EV was 12.5 percent worse than the price sticker numbers.

Spin Zone / The Debt Ceiling
« on: April 18, 2023, 06:01:05 AM »
So Speaker McLoser is proposing to raise the debt ceiling while at the same time reducing spending.   ::)

  Here's a fuckin' clue:  Why not stop this ridiculous spending, such as funding gender studies in Pakistan, the sex habits of frogs in the Amazon, or billions in grants to countries that hate us?    There's a start.

  Defund this diversity and equity garbage in the federal government.    Require each federal agency to shrink by 10%.

  Have congress take a 10% paycut.   

Spin Zone / Assange, Snowden and now Texeira
« on: April 15, 2023, 09:02:21 AM »
The media and the government have focused on the leakers, but what's being ignored is the material they have leaked.

  The government is involved in real dirty shit, and this has been exposed, but the media lapdogs focus on the people that have exposed these deeds.

  And the government solution?  Let's increase surveillance of all civilians!

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