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he CDC removed language from a page explaining how mRNA COVID-19 vaccines work without telling the public the page had been updated, much less what had been changed, according to Just the News' review of archived pages.

One of three headings under the "facts" section was completely removed between July 22 and July 23. It said:

"The mRNA and the spike protein do not last long in the body. Our cells break down mRNA from these vaccines and get rid of it within a few days after vaccination. Scientists estimate that the spike protein, like other proteins our bodies create, may stay in the body up to a few weeks."

As of Monday morning, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention page says it was last updated July 15.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) highlighted the removal Saturday night, crediting scientist Ray Armat for the discovery.

"The CDC is quietly deleting misleading information from their website," Massie wrote on Facebook.

Spin Zone / Should America Pursue a TWO STATE Solution???
« on: August 15, 2022, 12:27:25 PM »
The Babylon Bee is a favorite of mine. One of their writers had an article suggesting that the US split into two states - Liberal and Conservative - just as Israel haters have suggested Israel be split along ideological lines.

Even though the article is farcical, the thought might be valid.

We are becoming a very divided nation. The country may be dangerously close to violence and civil war.

The leftists are determined that no person be allowed to hold any civil rights sacrosanct (except abortion).

Conservatives have become suddenly truculent now that the left has stolen the white house and several senate seats through vote fraud. The outright assault on civil rights has reached a boiling point for many American citizens and the current trend to let the system work and work it out seems to be forever broken.


How would America separate the left from the right???

I would be fine splitting states along political lines.

Let the slave states (the ones that believe Citizens have no rights not given permission by the government) form their own union, however they wish, allowing a reasonable time for non-leftists to seel out and move away.

Let Free states do the same, allowing (demanding) leftists get the same time to sell off and leave for the slavery of their choice.

Split the military up along the same lines, allowing lefties to serve in slave state military units and free soldiers move over and serve in the free state military.

End the federal court, federal offices, and federal oversight of everything and everybody. Let the slave states recreate their communist utopia any way they wish, as long as they stay on their side of the border and leave the rest of us alone. If the slave states want a free abortion clinic on every corner, that's their problem. As long as we are a fifty-state union current rules apply. Take the federal out of it and let them burn themselves to the ground any way they wish.

DC MUST go with the slave states, along with southern California and the SF Bay area. The free parts of California should be allowed to choose, just like upstate NY.

A properly negotiated separation makes a lot more sense than another civil war, which would likely go nuclear, especially with the illegitimate imposter, Mr. Senility, in the white house.

Spin Zone / biden Regime Abolishes ICE Labor Union
« on: August 13, 2022, 07:09:34 PM »
The far-too-cozy relationship between american federation of government employees and dhs, proved to be the shit hole many expected, as the labor union that represents the single largest group of whistleblowers has been abolished - clearly an attempt to silence any voice of truth and dissent.
The senile imposter and his regime of liars can't stand free speech, or the expectation that the biden shit hole will act legally.

The Biden administration delivered a death sentence Thursday to the labor organization that represents thousands of employees at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Federal Labor Relations Authority’s decision erases the National ICE Council and leaves its 7,600 members, mostly deportation officers, without a collective bargaining agreement or union representation, members said.

The move also dents a prominent critic of both the administration and the American Federation of Government Employees, the umbrella union that included the ICE Council.

“DHS and AFGE leadership both wanted desperately to silence ICE Council whistleblowers. Without a union, it’s doubtful those whistleblowers will have jobs much longer.”

So... the fuckwad administration sent the fbi to attack the home of the REAL PRESIDENT, supposedly to recover documents that he kept after being deposed in their coup.

So... why is it that the same fuckwad fbi were officially allowed to DESTROY text messages about January Sixth???????

Because.. the fbi is as crooked as fuckwad joe, the pedophile.

That's why.

Spin Zone / Did PRESIDENT TRUMP Bait the fbi???
« on: August 11, 2022, 07:40:19 AM »
As I think about the total balls up at Maralago this week, I can't help but think that the ACTUAL REAL President - not the senile imposter - set them up and flew off to NYC to watch them make assholes of themselves, while patting their pussy  selves on the back.

How genuis would it have been for the ACTUAL REAL PRESIDENT to have someone pretend to be the inside guy and tell the lying, fucking, cocksucking, liars at the FBI where to find their treasure?

Eric Trump - the son of the REAL PRESIDENT (not the senile imposter) announced that the fuckwad regime used a safecracker to break into a safe and found it as empty as Geraldo's Al Capone vault.

When the dust settled and the lying, pussy FBI scum start making up shit to justify their crimes, everyone will know they stuck their pussy into a dry hole as dry as hilary clinton's integrity.

Just thinking about it makes me laugh.

Couldn't happen to bigger fuckwad cowards.

Several news outlets cover this tonight, while bullshit clowns pretend it is a conspiracy.

The IRS removed their ad shortly after people noticed that it seeks people willing to carry firearms and use deadly force to collect taxes.

The shit hole, third world regime of the senile imposter, faux president fuckwad is taking America off the cliff into full on totalitarian communism.

Fuck pedophile joe and his administration of liars, lunatics, trannies, queers and assholes

The KGB (I mean fbi - fart, barf and itch) has finally crossed the line that outrages American people enough to stand up and bark back at those fucking communist pussies.
Late last night thousands of ordinary people drove to Mara-lago and lined the streets to show support for the actual President, not the illegitimate, senile imposter, pedophile joe, the fuckwad.

Actual constitutional scholars, not asswipes like merrick garland, have already commented on the flagrant overreach and criminal behavior of the new stasi persecuting the opposition party for being a three to their criminal syndicate, and I doubt their pathetic attempt to try and remove PRESIDENT TRUMP from the ballot will do more than solidify the wins of his kind of patriots this November and his LANDSLIDE win in 2024.

Just a few of the ACTUAL criminals NOT raided by the fucking liars of the fbi:

They include:

hunter joe biden: The FBI has been in possession of hunter’s laptop since 2019, which contains evidence that hunter used joe’s position to conduct lucrative foreign business. He also cut his dad into deals and commingled their funds.

hillary clinton: Former Secretary of State hillary clinton mishandled classified information on a private server she likely used to hide efforts to use her office to raise money for her family’s foundation. She was infamously excused by the fbi.

marc elias and the Russia hoaxers: elias, a lawyer for communist democrats, helped arrange the so-called Russia “dossier,” which was then used to launch fraudulent and abusive investigations of PRESDIENT TRUMP and his campaign. He has never been brought to justice.

james clapper and john brennan: The “Statler and Waldorf” of deep-state cable pundits fueled the Russia hoax and then cited their intelligence credentials to claim, falsely, that hunter biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation in 2020.

The traitor mark miley.

The tax cheat sharpton

adam shit-show schiff: schiff lied to the public about his role in instigating the first TRUMP impeachment, then used his committee’s report to spy on members of the committee and the president’s lawyer, and failed to appear before the judiciary committee.

cackles kamala harris: As the country reeled from riots in the summer of 2020, then - sen. harris (communist - california) called on supporters to bail out rioters in Minneapolis, likely encouraging more violence. She also referred to law enforcement as a “paramilitary.”

black lives matter: Amid evidence that the left-wing group has been abusing its charitable status, even liberal states issued warnings to the group. But though the movement’s scope is nationwide, the fbi or doj have yet to do anything about it.

FUCK the fbi and christopher wray.
FUCK the doj and little merrick garland.
FUCk the democrat communist party.

Spin Zone / Florida GOP Ad Skewers California Governor gavin newsome
« on: August 06, 2022, 07:12:37 AM »

Spin Zone / The Legitimate President is ON FIRE Tonight in Wisconsin
« on: August 05, 2022, 07:58:28 PM »
President Trump is killing in Kenosha tonight.
He has a big, excited crowd and is hammering the senile imposter, pedo faux President fuckwad.

I'm watching the news people chatting about how ugly the communist cunt running for Arizona governor behaved trying to steal the primary for a swamp friendly RINO.

I don't think her campaign is going to go well as she faces angry Arizona citizens that know how fucking corrupt she and her pose of scum bags are.

Something tells me that she will be indicted shortly after Kari Lake is sworn in as governor.

Oh, and... fuck katie hobbs... I hope she enjoys prison.

This is the same sewer rag that thinks cannibalism is a worthy endeavor...
This is the same rag that endorses child sexual molestation under the guise of normalizing pedophilia.
The same rag intentionally LIED about russian collusion and now brags about it. The fucking slimes got a Pulitzer for lying and then lying about lying.
We all know what a Pulitzer is worth... just about as much as a noble these days.

Bret Stephens wrote in The New York Times on Thursday that he was wrong to label Trump supporters "appalling." He admitted, too, that the Russian collusion narrative about Trump's election to the presidency in 2016 was a hoax. The New York Times was awarded a Pultizer for exposing the ties, which were proved to be not based in fact.

In fact, the Federal Election Commission fined both the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign for lying about the funding behind the Steele dossier, which was used in an attempt to link Trump to Russia and discredit his campaign. That dossier was proved to have been fabricated by Democrat operatives and fed to attorneys being paid by Clinton's campaign.

Watch for libs to show up and rationalize the NY times, now.


Turns out, cannibalism has a time and a place. In the pages of some recent stomach-churning books, and on television and film screens, Ms. Summers and others suggest that that time is now.

Spin Zone / Are You READY For hilary???
« on: July 20, 2022, 01:05:01 PM »
Former Clinton Advisor Announces Hillary Clinton WILL RUN Against Trump In 2024

Long-time political strategist Dick Morris, formerly of the Clinton camp before coming to the light some years ago, penned a piece for Newsmax yesterday that predicted a 2016 rematch pitting twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton against former president – and America’s most popular politician – Donald Trump.

Clinton just can’t give it a rest. She has rested her entire legacy on one day sitting in the Oval Office as this nation’s first female president. Of course, her party can’t define the term “woman” anymore, and then there’s the fact that she hates this country and most of the deplorables living in it, so it should be clear to everyone she’s only in love with herself and power.

« on: July 20, 2022, 07:20:14 AM »
Google Maps names the place where the senile imposter fell off of his bicycle...  BRANDON FALLS!

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