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Stan's favorite politician, never Trumper, TDS matron Gretchen Witmer needs to be arrested, and jailed with the female version of Bubba, or a barnyard animal.    ;D

Of course the Democrat mainstream media (95% of all media) is ignoring this.

An unidentified citizen called out New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) for availing himself of armed protection even as he issued a coronavirus lockdown order that resulted in the suspension of gun sales in the state.

The citizen said, “Your executive actions closed down gun stores, saying they’re ‘non-essential.’ The poorest minorities living in the most dangerous cities with the highest crime rates now have absolutely no way of buying a firearm. I’ve lived in Newark, so I understand this first hand.”

He asked, “If less guns reduce crime, will you give up your personal bodyguards?”

The governor replied by intimating that he and the citizen had a philosophical difference in the role guns play, with the governor believing “a safer society has fewer guns, not more guns. And the guns that do exist are in the hands of the right people — particularly trained members of law enforcement.”

The governor then giggled, referenced an armed law enforcement member next to him, and said, “It is what it is.”

The Democrats hate that American citizens can question their authority and control.  They also hate that we have LEGALLY OWNED GUNS.  Murphy is the worst type of Communist Dictator Wannabe.

Soros helped to get Philly DA Larry Krasner (and others) elected.  Krasner is a traditional BOLSHEVIK, anti American Far Left Progressive.   The Philly police have now been instructed not to arrest for personal theft, burglary, auto theft, narcotics, prostitution and other what they are calling "non violent" offenses.

So I guess if people don't resist and allow their personal possessions to be stolen, then it is non violent and nobody gets arrested?  Wow, talk about creating a break down in society.

Spin Zone / How is everyone doing and/or handling this mess?
« on: March 17, 2020, 07:55:40 PM »
I've never seen anything like this in my lifetime.  The Virus is real, the response is unreal.  Traffic is sparse, lots of stuff closed, people staying home.  Very strange. 

What are people doing?  Lots working from home I know, some still going into work.  Anybody able to golf, fly, or do whatever?

Spin Zone / Societal Insanity over the Flu
« on: March 11, 2020, 07:31:07 PM »
Hate the NBA, but they cancelled their season.  Watch a little college basketball due to my alma mater, and now no spectators for March madness.  No toilet paper in the stores.  What is happening?  The Media retards have created full scale panic.  Effing lawyers too. 

NBC, the Washington Post, and other Media outlets are now justifying the shooter's murdering of six people because he MAY have had a noose placed on his locker in 2015.  The NBC article glorifies him with a nice picture of him in a Tux.

So, now it is OK to shoot people and kill them if there is the possibility of racism?  Murder is an acceptable response to bullying, or racial prejudice?  What else will the Media and their Democrat masters come up with next?

So now, as a society we can't progress in capability due to "man made climate change".  So international trade, travel, and other commerce, business, culture etc gets affected because of the log jam due to the number of flights that can arrive and depart.

WTF are these people thinking?  Plus they are mandating electric vehicles but have exorbitantly high electricity rates, and then double them with a climate change fee!  People in the UK already live in relatively dark, cold homes due to the electricity costs!

I enjoyed these three actors growing up.  Kirk Douglass in some great film roles.  Orson Bean in mostly TV shows, some films, game shows, and of course in talks shows of that era like Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin and of course Carson.  Robert Conrad was great in "Wild, Wild West" and the war/aviation themed "Baa Baa Black Sheep". 

All had very long and interesting lives.  Kirk was of course 103, Bean 91 and still vibrant as he was hit by two cars which killed him, and Conrad at 85 I believe. 

Are today's actors just lacking in depth, character, versatility and plain star power?  Also, as was common at the time all served in the Military in some form. 

Spin Zone / Trump to sign USMCA today. Largest trade deal in history.
« on: January 29, 2020, 07:18:16 AM »
The U.S., Canada, and Mexico are huge trading partners, and today Trump will sign a trade deal that is a win/win for America and our trade partners.  This is significant, and while the Democrats are busy lying to try to Impeach Trump, or at least smear him, he still is plugging away FULFILLING HIS PROMISES.

Will the media give this the coverage it is due, or just continue to talk about Impeachment and Kobe.  (sick of Kobe, btw)

Spin Zone / Biden: "Transgender equality", Civil Rights issue of our time
« on: January 26, 2020, 08:52:39 AM »
OK, so I saw this on Breitbart then looked for another source in case any of our missing Progressives come back and scream "Breitbart!!!!".  Couldn't find it on any other mainstream media, but he said it and this is his position.

What percentage of the population do Transgender comprise?  .000001%.  Total LGBTxyaz is maybe 1% - 3%.  So Transgender Equality is the same as Civil Rights for Blacks and other minorities?  Isn't that minimizing the issue just a bit? 

Biden is tripping over himself to look Woke, PC, SJW, and Progressive because nobody cares about him anymore.  I bet Comcast is pissed!

I've been to the World Economic Forum in Davos twice, back in the late 80's.  It was a real show.  The Donald is giving them a dose of American capitalism, and bashing socialism.  I am sure they are just loving it.  LOL!

Spin Zone / Virginia gun rally draws huge turnout and is peaceful
« on: January 21, 2020, 04:28:12 AM »
My experience with gun rallies has been similar.  Many CCW holders and people that have passed multiple background checks to get one of those and to buy guns don't want to break the law and cause trouble.  They are always peaceful, well mannered, clean, and well organized.

The rally in VA was to protest the Governor's and Legislature's draconian gun bans, and confiscation laws.  It was a major statement to retain our Natural Right, upheld by the Constitution to keep and bear arms.


Well, well.  Talk about hypocrisy.  The owner is butt hurt over political content that doesn't always reinforce his Progressive, Far Left beliefs.  Cry me a river!  What a woos!

Yet he is fine with burning 100LL for fun, but believes in the Green New Deal.  Gotta love a liar!

We've been talking about this for some time.  It seems now not only Americans that have live here for generations are moving to mostly the SUBURBS around cities, but now legal immigrants (and I am sure ILLEGALS as well) are moving there.   As we know these people vote strictly Democrat.  I have seen it in my own area with a huge influx Of Indian people who work in the tech, and engineering fields being hired on H1B visas, etc.  They want all the amenities of the area, but don't realize they are here because Republicans controlled politics for decades or even centuries prior.

Spin Zone / Boeing CEO resigns!
« on: December 23, 2019, 07:46:44 AM »
Well it seems the 737 Max debacle is taking its toll.  I wonder what culpability the FAA has?

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