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Exactly. In fact here’s one of the nice dormitories.

That is most likely where we are going if the Far Left Radicals, whom are now the mainstream Democrat Party, win the Presidency and Congress. 

Spin Zone / Re: so NOW the government cares about the flu?
« on: Today at 02:00:40 PM »
I know, it was just rhetorical.

A representative republic is not a problem-free form of government, but it’s better than all the rest.

When it doesn't have the Media, Education, Social Media, Tech, Entertainment, Sports, much of Corporate America, and government bureaucracy on one side.  The Left side, and radically so.  It isn't working now because of that. 

aw, we can come up with some that are more clueless.

 - the fish that shall not be named

 - the sim troll on usenet

 - John splats Tarver
 - the long island looney bird

or are you not old enough to know those?

No, I'm not.  I'm one of the younger guys at the airport which resembles the Home.    ;D

Sadly. Lots of people are idiots like you and can’t figure out that they should take the steps suggested by the medical community to stop the spread of infectious disease. They need the government to force them to do so. In the future I think the government will be unable to do so, and disease will spread. The Founders didn’t know about the germ theory of disease, and dish%to know what viruses were. Had they I suspect they’d have written things a bit differently.

The founders didn't know about the internet, so should we not have free speech?  I think you are one of the most clueless people I know. 

Spin Zone / Re: POA MC Job
« on: September 17, 2020, 03:48:02 PM »
This pearl of wisdom was posted over on PoA:

Chuck is one of the biggest, leftist tools over there.  What a little d bag.

Pilot Zone / Re: EAA 690 NeoSectional
« on: September 17, 2020, 02:27:14 PM »
Very cool!

Spin Zone / Re: so NOW the government cares about the flu?
« on: September 17, 2020, 10:40:19 AM »

 Covid 19 has given the progressive left a new chapter, and a new set of tools.   We've opened Pandora's Box.

 The flu will now take center stage.  The fear mongering will explode now, and the flu will be the next chapter in "emergency health orders".

 Expect more social distancing, mask orders, lock downs, etc.   Anything and everything will now be an excuse for new "emergency orders", aka suspension of rights.

That's why we aren't hearing as much about Man Made Climate Change although they will blame it when they can like on the Wildfires.  Where's little 17 year old Greta been?  These "health crisis" propaganda is an immediate way to install oppressive tyranny and Marxism. 

Spin Zone / Re: What really is known about COVID19?
« on: September 17, 2020, 10:37:11 AM »
Actually it worked brilliantly.

 Terrorism is, as the name implies, based on fear.   Terrorist do not go out with the intent on killing thousands, but killing select few.  The basics of terrorism is the fear generated by the unknown.  Take airlines right after 9/11.  The chances of a terrorist attack were minimal, but the thought of not know when and where they could strike was enough to instill terror into people and keep them in fear of flying.

 Same could be said of mall bombings, subways, etc.   Remember, our side has to be right 100% of the time, the terrorist only have to be right once.

 Covid, as a weapon has been highly effective.   Name something else that brought on a worldwide collapse in as little as two weeks.

 The fear generated by something we can't see is incalculable.

It only worked and is working due to Media and Democrat politician created panic.  No Media saying how horrible it is and oh, so many cases 24/7, and I mean 24/7, interspersed with Systemic Racism propaganda then there wouldn't be this panic among so many of the Sheeple. 

Spin Zone / Re: What really is known about COVID19?
« on: September 17, 2020, 09:44:19 AM »
The POTUS has acknowledged that he downplayed the scope of what he was briefed about COVID19, treating all of us like emotional children.

Suppose it is Bio-Terrorism, then I’d think assigning it as a National Security issue and marking the information CLASSIFIED might be appropriate. In other cases and because of the scope, is it no longer in the realm of non-releasable and should be declassified?

Just spiff-balling here.

Why create panic?  It is up to our leaders to be PRAGMATIC.  Look at what the Democrats and Media, whom are one in the same, have done.  People are in a panic over a big nothing. 

He's right.  This is the greatest tyranny and removal of rights, freedoms and liberties the American public has endured since slavery and the internment of Japanese American citizens during WWII.  Yet many if not most people just take it because the Media has created such fear just like the Nazi propaganda ministry and Goebbels. 

Spin Zone / Re: Will Scott Adams get in trouble?
« on: September 17, 2020, 06:27:11 AM »
Maybe it’s sexist. A waitress’s boobs?

Important for larger tips.  This thread is worthless without pictures.  :)

My brother in law in Raleigh NC said there are so many New York plates driving around now. Presumably moving down because of COVID shutdown and riots. So they’re leaving the Democrat created hell and gonna come vote Democrat and ruin NC.

I see them in PA also, because it is closer, lower tax, and lower costs for housing and other items.  All vote Democrat and have changed Chester County to all Democrat.  It is a sin.  I am not long for this area, and will move back West at some point but not back to Colorado, probably Wyoming or South Dakota so I can start stalking Christi Noem.  :)

The only flaw in your logic is if those high bar journals suffer from some kind of bias. Scientists aren’t supposed to allow bias but they’re only human. Would not be the first time the top experts in a scientific field couldn’t break out of a paradigm or a prejudice. Somebody has to decide which papers to publish out of all the submissions. And now with academics and researchers being around 90% liberal, and today’s atmosphere of extreme hatred for the current administration as well as anti-capitalism and pro-leftism sentiment infesting our higher institutions, I’m wary of trusting the objectivity of these experts you’re talking about, while agreeing with you that strict scientific protocol in search for truth should be being followed.

In addition to almost all academics having a far left bias, the organizations and people that fund them have a far left bias and want certain results.  Therefore you get slanted "studies" and outcomes.  Even if you use accurate data, it is your assumptions like escalation rates, and other variables they use to skew the outcomes.  As an engineer you know this.  There other trick is to fudge the data, and that is easily done as well.  You also know this. 

You get way you pay for and the Left is great at paying academics to give them what they want.  If they want to get and keep funding they will give them Leftist results.  My other problem is they are so hypocritical and indoctrinated they won't admit it, because they think it is the right thing to do and the ends justify the means.  Right Mikey?    ::)

The bottom line for me is that Science and Medicine has been politicized and weaponized as a tool in which to control and subjugate people,
This is turning out to be less dangerous than N1H1 and many previous so called pandemics.   It is another scam like man made climate change.

Me too.

How do you think it was handled irresponsibily?  I think it was a huge over reaction that killed a robust economy, hurt people and gave government way too much power.

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