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Spin Zone / Re: George Floyd
« on: Today at 08:15:29 AM »
And both states have radical "lockdown" rules.

NJ has a flake "real" woman directing the state health dept.


You mean this flake?  Walking, talking White Guilt, SJW COMMUNIST.  I don't know.  She could be a Man also.

Pilot Zone / Re: What is this Cessna 310 doing???
« on: Today at 08:11:55 AM »
Aerial mapping?   Fly dispersement?

NSA, Secret Police (STASI), Aerial mind control, ANTIFA/BLM? 

Grumman Air Force activated. 

Pilot Zone / Re: What is this Cessna 310 doing???
« on: Today at 08:01:34 AM »
Post-maintenance tests? Training? What's the tail#?

Don't know.  He's no longer there.  It was a private user.  Looks like aerial survey to me whatever that means. 

Restrict White People's ability to do...what?

Speak freely in society.  Not have to be a PC, Woke, SJW, Progressive, support TRUMP, not have White Guilt (White Privilege), etc.  Support Social Engineering through more and more government programs using our Tax Dollars for purposes in which we DISAGREE. 

Pilot Zone / What is this Cessna 310 doing???
« on: Today at 07:43:27 AM »
What is he doing?  Click on the photo to enlarge it.  I couldn't figure out how to insert the full image.     ::)

I don't get it.  The teams get a stadium built at taxpayer expense, then charge exorbitant ticket prices and the concessions charge unreal amounts.   They pay the players millions who more often than not turn into primadonnas. 

 It's all such a scam, let these teams foot the bill, it's their game.

Lots of big UNION kick backs and big contracts in those stadiums.  All Democrat, all taxpayer funded.  All CORRUPT.  It is corporate welfare funded by taxpayers to the benefit if big city Democrat Politicians, big Union Leader Democrats and Progressive Democrat Virtue Signalling NFL owners. 

I never understood why people enjoy watching a bunch of pampered millionaires run up and down a field playing with a ball.   Of course this goes for baseball and basketball as well.    I've never been a fan of professional sports.

Like most of us here, I am more of a participant than an observer in just about anything.  Therefore, I do not devote a lot of time to watching sports, but still watch the Eagles from time to time.  That's about it for me, but I think I'm done with them too.  Their owner is a FLAMING Progressive douche. 

Spin Zone / Re: The 82nd airborne flew over our house
« on: Today at 06:56:35 AM »
FWIW, the one shooting I was involved in, I didn't feel the recoil at all. Just find out what fits your hands the best, and put a lot of rounds through it.

I'm sorry you had to go through that, but from everything I've read and heard about from others that you'd don't hear the blast, or feel the recoil as you are in hyper drive at that moment.  Scary thought.  However, better than being dead or your family being dead. 

On revolvers.  I think they have their place, and the compact ones are good carry guns.  As stated above, I prefer semi-autos for just about everything these days, and am down to one, a Single Action revolver, USFA SAA 4 5/8 in barrel in .45 Colt.  I reload so it's not that expensive to shoot.  Prices for those cartridges are through the roof. 

Spin Zone / Drew Brees apologizes for anti Kneeling comments
« on: Today at 06:22:14 AM »
Drew Brees apologized on Thursday morning for his recent comments about players kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial injustice.

Brees, the longtime New Orleans Saints quarterback, posted his apology on Instagram, and indicated that he’d spoken to several people about how his comments made them feel and the pain his words had caused them.
Brees did an interview with Yahoo Finance on Wednesday during which he was asked how the NFL should react if players start kneeling in protest during the national anthem, as Colin Kaepernick did in 2016.

“I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America,” Brees said. He also compared the sacrifice of people who served in the military to the sacrifices of people who fought for civil rights.

I think I am done with the NFL.  I can't take the Racial Prejudice, double standard, Virtue Signaling and anti American bias any longer. 

Spin Zone / Re: Over My Dead Body
« on: Today at 05:55:41 AM »
Canadian police chief Scott Gilbert kneeled before Black Lives Matter activists clambering on the city war memorial in Peterborough, Ontario, after they asked officers to attend their demonstration and either lie down or “take a knee”.

The June 2nd march, organised by black, transfeminine non-binary drag queen Said Jiddawy, was ostensibly in aid of George Floyd, who died while being detained by a white police officer — since charged with third-degree murder and negligent manslaughter — in the United States.

WTF is wrong with these people???

Spin Zone / Re: George Floyd
« on: Today at 05:17:33 AM »

He/She/It is a Transsexual ("Transgender") and Director of Health for PA.  Our virtue signaling Commie Governor appointed her. 

Delaware has one also.  "Karyl" T. Rattay  It seems this is a new trend for Democrat Governors.

Spin Zone / Re: Over My Dead Body
« on: Today at 05:07:19 AM »
These Liberal/Progressives are mere SHEEP and pawns of the Media and Democrats.  Wow. 

Spin Zone / Re: Racism; it still exists.
« on: June 03, 2020, 05:46:46 PM »
perhaps there are some people who are racist, rather than it being a cutural thing.

Of course, there are people who think that everything is about the color of their skin... as if the world revolves around their skin color.

Like Obama and others just like him. 

Spin Zone / Re: White Privilege - the ultimate liberal fantasy
« on: June 03, 2020, 05:28:43 PM »

How do you differentiate between racial hypersensitivity, legitimate claims (that are often dismissed) and false claims based on a perceived slight? With the history that we inherit, who is qualified to judge? Those with privilege or those without?

I see race, color, ethnicity, clothing, car, hair style, age, and other factors when I see a person.  We all do. We ALL JUDGE.  That doesn't mean I will treat someone poorly for any of those things. 

The Democrats support ANTIFA and BLM.  Just check all the Democrat Governors, Mayors and Legislators that publicly support them and then THREATEN those that legally defend their homes and their lives.  So we have elected politicians openly supporting violent terrorist groups that harm their constituents and their property.  WTF is wrong with them!!!

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